Public Breakups and Ghosting: What Can We Learn from them?

Public Breakups and Ghosting: What Can We Learn from them?

Recently, news of media personality Faten Moussa and her divorce from actor Mostafa Fahmi has been trending all over social media. And, sadly, the drama continues. With statements from both sides, it is hard to know what exactly went down between them.

But what caught our attention was the ghosting element of the story.

So, what is the story of the separation? What is ghosting? And how can we recover from it?

Faten Moussa and Mostafa Fahmi – The recap:

In a statement Faten Moussa posted today on her Instagram, she first thanked all her fans and followers for their continuous support, then made sure to emphasize that the nature of her relationship with Mostafa Fahmi before the divorce was completely normal. She posted pictures and videos of them prior to the separation and, most importantly, a screenshot of Mostafa Fahmi allegedly congratulating her sister for her engagement.

Public Breakups and Ghosting: What Can We Learn from them?
A screenshot of Mostafa Fahmi allegedly congratulating Faten’s sister for her engagement.

Earlier last week, We were all stunned when Faten posted on Instagram that she was surprised as much as us by the news circulating about her divorce from Mostafa Fahmi. According to Faten, while on a trip to Lebanon to attend her sister’s engagement, she learned of the news from social media. And after many attempts to reach her husband, she finally got an answer from his lawyer Sanaa Lahzy that the divorce indeed took place and was finalized.

However, Mostafa Fahmi’s lawyer was quick to denounce such claims on ETbilarabi. According to him, the divorce was a mutual decision from both parties. And he is ready to come through with all her legal rights when she returns from Lebanon.

MBC Trending: Mostafa Fahmi’s Lawyer on his divorce from Faten Moussa

I mean talk about drama, right? Mostafa Fahmi then stated that “some people do not know how to separate respectfully and must appear as a victim”, on Layalina. While Faten had posted some other accusations as well on her Instagram page.

So this got us thinking, what should we do if we were ever ghosted?
Marriage is a serious business where legal actions are involved and still, people dare to just vanish? And the legal system allows them to. So, unfortunately, if you are in a less serious relationship, people are more likely to ghost.

What is ghosting?

Twitter: Is ghosting all too familiar?

Ghosting is a term that started circulating social media over the past few years. When someone you care about, be it a friend or a partner, turns into a ‘ghost’: it means that they stop all contact with you and disappear. With no explanation or even arguments, they stop answering all texts and calls and avoid you at all costs.

Don’t look for answers in the same place you have lost them

Going through such an experience can be very hurtful, as you are left looking for closure and wondering what possibly I could have done to deserve this? But this is the point. No one ‘deserves’ this. Ghosting has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.

As crazy as it may sound, In relationships, we shouldn’t be taking everything personally. And especially ghosting. Ghosting is someone’s way of handling an uncomfortable situation. It stems from their fear of the unknown, or fear of conflict and confrontation.

Others are unfortunately more selfish than fearful, and choose their comfort to the consequence of their action (hurting someone’s feelings) or lack of responsibility (now you have to deal with the situation, not me).

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That said, the most important step in recovering is to distance oneself from what happened. Your self-worth and self-esteem are not determined by someone else’s actions. Take your time to process your emotions and what happened. Mourn the loss of a friend or a partner that was once important to you. Don’t shame yourself for trusting them once or feeling depressed over losing them.

After taking a step back, make sure to reconnect with beloved friends and family. Seek comfort in the people you trust and appreciate. Participating in healthy relationships can restore your ‘faith’ in human connections and stop you from carrying this into future relationships.

So hopefully, as we learn ways to protect our self-worth, ghosting doesn’t give us trust issues or affect our general outlook on life and relationships. Tell us, how do you recover from ghosting?

What do you think?


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