The Moral Struggle of Self-Care When People Are Dying in Palestine

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In the labyrinth of my emotions, the situation in Palestine looms large, casting a shadow that stretches far beyond the confines of my conscience. I find myself ensnared in a whirlwind of emotions, each one more potent than the last.

Every time I encounter news about the Palestinian genocide, it’s as if the world itself holds its breath, waiting for something to change, waiting for justice to prevail. The heart-wrenching videos, the stories of survival against insurmountable odds – they carve deep furrows of despair in my heart. I can’t help but imagine the anguish, the fear, and the resilience that define the lives of those living in the midst of this harrowing conflict.

And I’m tired.

In the midst of this turmoil, I’m drowning – drowning in a sea of frustration and helplessness.

I want to do more, be more, but I’m shackled by the limitations of my own abilities.

The weight of the suffering, the injustice, bears down on me, and I can’t escape the gnawing guilt that comes with knowing how privileged I am to merely witness this tragedy from afar.

The guilt, it’s a relentless companion, whispering in my ear every time I take a moment to breathe. How can I pause when there are lives hanging in the balance? How can I find respite when others are denied even the basic right to safety?

Yet, in the midst of this storm of emotions, I’m learning to navigate the turbulent waters. I’m learning that it’s okay to step back, not out of apathy, but out of necessity.

It’s an act of self-preservation, a way to ensure that I can continue to fight, continue to raise my voice, and continue to advocate for change.

It’s in these moments of exhaustion that my empathy finds its deepest roots, reminding me that my emotions are not a weakness but a wellspring of strength.

So, as I tread this emotional tightrope, I cling to my feelings – the frustration, the helplessness, the guilt – and I channel them into action.

I may be tired, but my spirit remains unbroken. In the face of adversity, my empathy becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a better world, one where peace and justice prevail, and where no one has to endure the agony that the people of Palestine face daily.

I am tired, yes, but I am also determined. Determined to continue fighting, continue advocating, and continue feeling, because it’s in these raw, unfiltered emotions that I find the strength to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem.

And so, as I stand on the precipice of my emotions, gazing into the abyss of human suffering, I am left with a haunting question that lingers in the air: Is what I’m doing enough? In the grand tapestry of global issues, does my advocacy, my empathy, my small contribution, make a meaningful impact?

I grapple with this question, letting it echo in the chambers of my heart. It challenges the very core of my beliefs, forcing me to confront the boundaries of my actions.

Can empathy alone dismantle the walls of injustice? Can my voice, amplified though it may be, breach the deafening silence that engulfs the plight of the oppressed?

In the face of such immense adversity, the answer is not clear. The enormity of the task at hand, the enormity of the suffering, makes me question the efficacy of my endeavors. Yet, even amid this uncertainty, I find solace in the unwavering power of human connection.

Perhaps, it’s not just about the grand gestures or sweeping changes. Perhaps, it’s in the collective heartbeat of empathy, in the shared burden of awareness, that true transformation begins. Maybe, the impact of my actions ripples outward, touching lives in ways I may never fully comprehend.

As I continue this journey, I carry the weight of this uncertainty with me. It fuels my determination, urging me to persist despite the doubts. The question of whether what I’m doing is right or wrong persists, but in that uncertainty, I find the impetus to keep going.

For in the face of such profound moral dilemmas, it is the relentless pursuit of what is right, the unwavering commitment to justice and compassion, that defines the essence of humanity. And so, I press on, driven by the hope that my actions, no matter how small, contribute to the tides of change.

In the labyrinth of my emotions, where questions outnumber answers, I find my purpose – to stand in solidarity, to advocate tirelessly, and to never shy away from asking the difficult questions, even when the answers elude me.

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Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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