El-Shai (n): Arabic for the word “Tea“. Why? Because we spill the tea!

While the word “tea” is usually referred to as the beverage, “The Tea” in the urban language is used to as a word for a particularly juicy or sought after gossip or info. Often, but not always, served in online chat sites


El-Shai is an independent online platform that provides quality content for all Egyptians. From editorial content to social media and video content as well; El-Shai is founded on the idea of introducing different opinions and opening new dialogues to build a foundation of understanding to one another, all while remaining lighthearted and entertaining.

Just like our name; We will be bringing you the “tea” like it is. Unfiltered and honest.

We DO NOT accept any contributions related to politics or religion, nor do we condone any racism or discrimination of any sorts!

If you want to be hateful, hate everything equally.



Our internship programs and workshops

We believe everyone deserves to tell their story through the art of writing, which is why we provide a unique internship program for commercial blogging and creative writing.

We will help you not just share what you want to say, but to share it in a way that is attention-grabbing and accessible for everyone.

We will be later providing workshops and talks for various topics related to content creation, editorial work, as well as public relations and the media. This will be available as soon as it’s safe for everyone to gather again.

Work with Us

We will be announcing as soon as we start hiring. However, we are accepting volunteers until we can employ fulltime. If you’re interested, e-mail us at info@el-shai.com. We don’t care much about your CV, all we care about is who you are, and what you can provide for El-Shai.


Please E-mail us at info@el-shai.com, or fill out this form and we’ll happily send you our profile and rates.

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