Cameron Herrin: How Beauty Privilege Can Make You Get Away with Murder

Cameron Herrin

While scrolling on social media, you’ve probably come across pictures of a young man with blue eyes, wearing a suit and a black mask, standing in a law court. 

But who is Cameron Herrin? What did Cameron Herren do? and why’s he going viral? 

Cameron Herrin is a 21-year-old man guilty of killing the 24-year-old mother, Jessica Reisinger Raubenolt, and her 21-month-old daughter Lillia Raubenolt.

He was street racing in 2018, and now he’s facing a 24- year sentence. 

Cameron Herrin's victims; Jessica Reisinger Raubenolt, and her 21-month-old daughter Lillia Raubenolt and Jessica's husband
Cameron Herrin’s victims; Jessica Reisinger Raubenolt, and her 21-month-old daughter Lillia Raubenolt and Jessica’s husband

Cameron Herrin car accident details:

According to investigations, Herrin was driving over 160 kph when he hit the mother and her daughter. 

He pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide, a second-degree felony, and illegal racing, a first-degree misdemeanor. 

Herrin’s family and lawyer tried to defend him in front of the court, but Jessica’s family and husband stood up against them and disapproved of their claims and the excuses they’ve provided.

Where is Cameron Herrin today now?

He is sentenced to 24 years in prison for killing the Ohio mother and her young daughter in a 2018 traffic crash in Tampa, Florida.

Will Cameron Herrin get parole?

Herrin appealed his sentencing, but no news of when or if he’ll be eligible for parole anything soon.

 So what’s the social media users’ response to this? They sympathized with him! Making Cameron Herrin Tiktok’s biggest trend.

Cameron took all over the internet, absolutely not because of his case but his appearance. Most people showed empathy to his case and claimed that he shouldn’t be sentenced to 24 years, “too much for an accident, “they said. 

Many people – especially Tik-Tok users in the middle east- showed unreasonable support for the criminal just because he looked handsome and ‘innocent.’ 

Moreover, they justified what he did and called it an accident, although racing in the street is not an accident at all, and it’s intentional. It’s common sense that when you drive a car at such a crazy speed, you could crash into a car or hit someone and cause fatal damage. 

What if the man was average-looking? would he be receiving this amount of attention and support from young girls? 

 It’s difficult to say yes and very hard to deny that beauty privilege exists and will drive some people to sympathize with whoever has it. 

Sympathizing with criminals isn’t something new. 

We’ve seen it happen before in 1979 with Ted Bundy when several women sent him fan mails while being put on trial. We’re talking about a man who killed over 30 women, but he still gained sympathy and support from these women. 

In fact, during the 70s, America faced a major serial killer epidemic of who were mostly celebrated as rockstars, even till now.

Just a few months before Herrin’s case takes it to TikTok, Isabella Guzman, an 18-year-old who killed her mother by stabbing her 79 times, was a trend for on TikTok, where people imitated her movements in court.

Doctors testified to the court in 2014 that Guzman was schizophrenic and had suffered disturbing delusions for years.

On TikTok, people were sharing her footage from the court and imitating her with the song “Sweet by Psycho,” where her mental illness was downplayed.

The mental illness that caused her to stab her mother 79 times!

The case of Cameron Herrin proved we are still having an issue with romanticizing criminals, sympathizing with them just because they look decent while forgetting that beauty should never make you get away with committing crimes unpunished. 

Younger generations need to act more responsibly and have a sense of accountability. Instead of sympathizing with the criminal, they should direct that sympathy towards those who lost a family or dear friend and think about how severely they’ll grieve their loss forever.

After this massive twist and arguments about Cameron Herrin and his car accident, do you still think that beauty privilege doesn’t control our thoughts, opinions, and relations with people? It’s worth mentioning that the case is about both Cameron Herrin and John barrineau

Article By:

Aya Salah and Mennah Mohamed

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Written by Aya Salah

I’m Aya, a senior mass communication student. I’m interested in digital journalism and content writing, and I always try to develop myself in these fields.
I like hearing stories about people and life and love watching films.

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  1. It has nothing to do with his looks. He’s a kid who made a terrible mistake that he will forever be sorry for. My heart goes out to the family who lost their loved ones, it was such a tragedy. He was guilty of speeding and racing but hitting this mother and her child was a complete accident. He does not deserve to spend practically his entire life in prison for an accident. Ask yourself, will locking up a child who will then become something horrible in prison justice for anyone? No it’s not. This is such a sad thing to see, so many real criminals getting off with a slap on the wrist but this kid getting 24 years for an accident. Think about yourselves at this age, the stupid mistakes we all made. This could have been anyone of us or our children.

    • It’s difficult to call it an accident because as I stated, it’s common sense that when you drive a car at such a crazy speed, you could crash into a car or hit someone and cause death or fatal damage. He should’ve thought of the consequences before doing such an act. Not all mistakes can be excused, this isn’t how law works.

      And the article was talking about these teenagers who literally defended him just because they thought he looked innocent and handsome and they said they wish their brother or father could be locked up instead of him! And this whole mama I’m in love with a criminal trend on Tiktok . It’s very irresponsible and they should have more awareness.

      • Es geht nicht um das aussehen, du kannst einen Killer der bewusst und gewollt einen Mord verübt nicht mit einem unreifen Teeenager vergleichen, sicher für so etwas muss man auf jeden Fall ein paar Jahre im Gefängnis sitzen das hat er verdient,aber 24 Jahre für einen ungewollten Mord,ich mein kannst Du dich in die Lage des Jungen versetzen und sagen dass er die 2 Menschen auf dem gewissen hat?
        Ich hätte ihm 10 jahre gegeben aber 24 ist ein bischen viel meiner Meinung nach….
        ich weiss nicht warum du hier von priviligiert sprichst…

        • He was 18 with a full brain and should’ve thought about his actions before doing them.

          Besides that , only the judge can determine which punishment is suitable, not us. He had a lawyer and everything, so if he actually deserved less years, it would’ve been taken into consideration .

          The privilege that I’m talking about here is receiving support although he’s the one in the wrong here.

          • Cameron Herrin had his part of fault but giving someone a sentence of twenty-four years is a bit too harsh. I understand the pain of the victim’s family . But if u guys call this murder, then generally murderers get 10 to 20 years of sentence at the max level, but Cameron got 24. And this was an accident and he himself clarified to everyone that this was a mistake and not an intentional murder. For those of you who don’t really understand the difference between an accident and a murder should probably know it by now. And this case to me is clearly a vehicular homicide. The punishment for vehicular homicide does not exceed more than three years. And some murderers even get away with 2 to 3 years of sentencing. As they were against Cameron ruining Jessica and Lilia’s life, they are actually ruining his life too. Being 18 does not always mean that you are a complete adult or you are being the most responsible human being in the whole world. It is just a man made story and people do really mature at different times.

        • Wenn er hässlich oder sogar durchschnittlich aussah, würden die Leute seiner Situation nicht annähernd so viel Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Das Privileg hier ist ausschließlich mit dem verbunden, was die Leute für gutes Aussehen halten.

      • You say he should have thought of his consequences, but at his age, the prefrontal cortex of the brain isn’t finished developing. This is why teenagers act stupidly; they are incapable of rational thinking, or at least their rational thinking is not nearly at the level as those of us with fully developed prefrontal cortexes. You want to blame Cameron? He deserves blame, yes, but society also deserves the blame. It’s we who make it legal for mentally underdeveloped children to drive Mustang GT’s, vehicles with over 400 hp and that can go 300+ mph. It’s ridiculous. Cameron’s sentence was way too harsh. He’s just a stupid kid.

    • You do know he was breaking at least 2 laws, street racing and going 70 mph over the speed limit(plus running stop lights). That right there removed murdering 2 people as an accident. And accident is he was going 5 mph over the limit and hitting them, not street racing and going in excess of 70 over the limit.

    • It’s definitely his look. Imagine he was ugly, people’d just ignore this case and no one would know about this at all. Trust me, people unconciously treat pretty people nicer.

    • I agree with you 100% It was an accident and it’s ugly here, the point is that he accidentally did everything in front of him, imagine how he felt and was guilty because all his life … I support him and will support him because the child really didn’t want to do it this is a terrible mistake for him, and the court should reconsider his sentence because 24 years is really too much for him … he may not sleep at night going crazy as one of the things I fear most is what can happen to him when he does not endure this pain all his life think about it. .. it is so hard and painful for him now … no one can hug him to support his parents is not close

      • Pienso igual que tú y para mí la belleza es irrelevante lo que me impacto fue que hacia dos días acabada de cumplir 18 años y de graduarse en el colegio catholic high school con buenas calificaciones siempre en el seno de sus padres no era un chico problemático ni pandillero juvenil no tenía cuentas con las leyes, por está razón me solidarizo con Cameron y lo apoyo y lo seguiré apoyando lamento lo que le pasó a Jessica y a su hija pero la intención de Cameron no era matar a nadie cometió un grave error el horror que ha estado viviendo nada más de pesar en que ayer era un niño ya hoy soy adulto que todos me están acusando y señalando por favor está pagando en carne propia por lo que hizo y meter a la cárcel tanto años a un joven que pudiera ser un profesional que necesita la nación se va a perder en un calabozo pudieron haberle dado otro castigo y menos años si Dios permitió que el quedará vivo fue por algún propósito un segundo chance pero no todos lo entierran vivo en una cárcel y después preguntan por qué estamos viviendo tantas catástrofes en el mundo por la misma maldad del hombre por su misma injusticia por la falta de perdón exiten en los corazones Dios ya perdono a este muchacho porque se me en su mirada que lo está y no se cansa de decirse día a día como hubiese vuelto el tiempo atrás no haber hecho lo que hice por que estuvieran vivas Jessica y su hija y yo estaría en mi hogar junto a mis padres eso es lo que se dice día a día es joven que pudo haber sido el medico que ustedes necesitarían en la emergencia del hospital o el contratista que el construyera su casa pero ahora que será en 24 años? Y todo gracias a la sed de venganza y falta de perdón por parte de ustedes

        • CameronHerrin. case
          Each of us deserves another chance, Cameron Herren deserves another chance in this life, give him hope We all know that he never intended to kill, nor did he want to hurt anyone
          We all hope the sentence will be commuted

          • You know who doesn’t even get a first chance because of him, the 2 year old child he ran over at 18 years old you are a grown adult and you are accountable for your actions get your head out of your ass and realize if someone ran your 2 year old child and wife/husband you would demand a life sentence he knew what he was doing was risking the lives of others yet he continued so educate yourself and get out from under your rock and learn some morals

    • stop calling him a child because he is NOT a child he is a full grown adult that should be held accountable for his actions. stop calling what he did an accident because it wasn’t an accident at all. he was warned at least 5 times by the police but he continued doing it and what did that lead to? killing a woman and her child. it’s crazy how people are still defending and having sympathy towards him when the people you should be sympathizing is the family.

      • Do u know (AELEEN)!!!!!
        Everybody have to go one day !! I think that we all believe in GOD
        As u know GOD will punish all the persons who killed any body because of (any reason) He may will be punished By God by his Reaction everybody knows he was shocked!!!!(BTW HIS MOM)the lady and a child had gone but if he jailed his if (mother will commit suicide) what will u ask then! I agree with u but think about future if he was your brother so what will u say about that you only say only at that time that he is innocent hannaa so plz there is GOD and only GOD knows what ever done that time so it is to plz don`t have to hate any body and if any other excuse reply plz! ???

    • You are write I will not give him 24 years If I was judge I will either give life sentence or death imagine your daughter/mother/wife in place of those two innocent souls

    • Stacy, it really has to do. Today I have read more than five hundred comments on Instagram where it is said, “Beautiful people should not rot in jail”, “He is handsome, he would gladly let me run over.” Do you want me to continue?

      While he didn’t come out with the intention of taking lives, from the moment he decided to speed, he had to wonder if tragedy could happen. He is not a child, will two lives be enough price to stop being a child? It could even have been his own death.

      Previously, he had calls from the police, but he continued to ignore it. Age is not an excuse.

    • It is only accident if the incident happens while performing a normal actions in life.
      Racing in streets with pedestrians is not a norm nor legal partly for the same reason as the result of this young and stupid man’s action.
      Even though part of what you say is agreeable, the consequences of his actions should not be minimized to let it known to other stupid young people to hopefully preven these kind of senseless deaths.

      • If he had been in that accident when he was driving legally. Its a totally different story. im sure even the victims family would hav forgiven him – coz THAT would be an accident.

    • If he had been in that accident when he was driving legally. Its a totally different story. im sure even the victims family would hav forgiven him – coz THAT would be an accident.

    • The fact that you’re proving yourself to be those dumbass defenders, exactly what this article is saying!
      Btw Who cares if it’s an accident or murder? Even if it was unintentional he still killed two peoples! It’s a crime
      And how does speeding on the public road seems normal to you? There’s a thing called “Law” and “Jail” for a reason! He was sentenced to jail for 24 years in prison very fairly! People have been following the law for a decade and so should he! He’s 18 not 5! Even my 8yr old brother knows that speeding is illegal!

    • Are you serious? A “complete accident”? This scumbag was consciously and recklessly violating the law: not only by speeding over 100 miles per hour in urban terrain (I am not sure, but that probably is 2x or even 3x the allowed speed limit in urban area), but also “having fun” by participating in ILLEGAL STREET RACING. Anybody with more that two brain cells should be able to deduce what the results could be. Nobody was forcing him to do this idiotic thing. He is a criminal and is at the bottom of the barrel of humanity; he is not a “sweet kid” but a murderer who took away TWO LIVES because of his complete an utter disregard to anyone else’s safety and well-being. How could you even commit such a fallacy like saying “think about yourselves at this age, the stupid mistakes we all made”? Excuse me, what the f*ck? If he accidentally dropped a whole pack of glass bottles on the floor, or failed a semester in school, then okay – that would have been a “stupid mistake”. However, that is not the case here. This a**hole knowingly put all the innocent people on the road/sidewalk in danger for his own amusement, so he could have some illegal fun in his 4-wheeled toy, which resulted in him killing two souls. “Stupid mistakes we all made”? I am sorry but neither me nor anybody I personally associate with had ever murdered anyone with a car. How could you even have the audacity to defend this criminal by saying “this could have been anyone of us or our children”? Well, this WAS someone of us: one young mother and her daughter both LOST THEIR LIVES and none of them WILL NOT GET ANOTHER CHANCE. Meanwhile, this speedy douchebag will, once he finishes his sentence. I would not be surprised if the husband and father of those two deceased souls will be waiting for the speedy a&&hole to finish his sentence and come outside. I certainly would. In my opinion, this arrogant and spoiled brat should at least get sentenced for LIFE. May he rot in hell.

    • ” Stacy” is your name and you wrote all this BS.
      How ironic for a ” Stacy ” to justify ” Stacism” isn’t it?
      Shame on you for your indifference to the family of the victims,the victims of this unconscious criminal.

    • A stupid mistake that ENDED TWO lives! what if he killed someone you knew you’d be singing a different tune. Throw the boom at him and maybe this will teach others to not speed.

    • it doesn’t matter if it was an accident or not. he shouldn’t be racing in the first place, it’s common sense that if your racing at such high speed there is a big possibility that an accident can happen & this case is the perfect example of what i’m talking about. he was warned many times by the police to not race and he still chose to race. i don’t feel sorry for the guy, he knew what he was doing and still chose to race. this generation is the reason why i lost hope in humanity, you can literally kill a human being and get away with it just by your looks. i’m so disgusted & embarrassed to be living in this world.

    • I don’t know about you, but I’ve never committed vehicular manslaughter and if I did I would want to be held accountable. Yeah maybe It’s not premeditated, but he still took people’s lives and he should 100% pay for it. Imagine what that dad is going through if he got free, his wife and child died and the person that killed them got off the hook because its “too much of an accident”. I can’t believe people are still protecting this person.

      • I agree with what you are saying about the mom and daughter he killed… That was reckless, stupid and totally avoidable. He totally needs to pay for actions!

        That being said, the other side of that coin is, what if he was your son?

    • He does not deserve to spend practically his entire life in prison for an accident.

      Yes, he does. What kind of monster are you defending someone who killed 2 people? He should have gotten more time in the slammer. I’m happy there’s no parole in FL means this piece of shit will serve the whole sentence.

    • You’re seriously trying to justify that him KILLING 2 PEOPLE was an accident?? “Oh poor little guy he has his whole life ahead of him. He doesn’t deserve that long of a sentence. 24 years is to damaging to the rest of his life.” When in reality a little girl will never know what it will be like to be an adult who can live the rest of HER life. She wasn’t even 2 years old yet, and everyone is saying how he should have a shorter sentence. For those of you saying he does not deserve that long of a sentence are just wrong in the head as well. Maybe if someone randomly hit your family like that, you would probably be singing a different tone of voice about this whole topic. Put yourselves in their shoes than come back and tell us how you feel.

      • I agree with what you are saying about the mom and daughter he killed… That was reckless, stupid and totally avoidable. He totally needs to pay for actions!

        That being said, the other side of that coin is, what if he was your son?

    • “He’s a kid who made a terrible mistake that he will forever be sorry for”, Like you would drive a 102milies an hour on road even an unlicensed are crazy enough to think what might happen although he is rich. Go and click this dumbass???!

    • 24yrs is insane, when you think about other heinous crimes that have been committed when the sentence is half that or less, and sometimes the get off Scott fricken free. 🤔 15yrs yes 24 no. He’s gonna be so messed up when he gets out. His life is ruined 😔 it could be your kid. I just wish punishments were more consistent across the board.

    • An “accident?!” Excuse me?!!! He intentionally pressed the gas pedal so he would go WAY over the speed limit!! This was no “accident!” He chose to drive dangerously! What did he expect to happen going so fast down a public street?!
      Yes, what if he had killed 2 people in your family choosing to drive over 100 mph, would you still say, “oh, he just plowed over my 2 beloved family, members, but it was an accident because most people don’t plan to drive super fast down a city street and lose control of their car and run over others, normally that never happens when you chose to drive that fast.”
      “So, my loved ones will never see the light of day again, but the poor boy that ran them over, needs to get out of jail in a year so he can be with his family and friends and go to the mall.”
      You clearly no ability to rationally think things through before saying it was an “accident.” OMG!!

    • Not an accident he was warned 5 times by police he knew the consequences and he ignored it with his reckless behavior being insolent and ignorant get you nowhere good but in bad situations he is not spending his entire life in there he could’ve gotten 30 years he only cried when he heard how much years he’s going to spend in prison he deserves it

    • I feel badly for Cameron also. He made a horrible mistake that will haunt him the rest of his life.

      He has to pay for his mistake though, we were all taught that as children that our actions have consequences
      (I remember hearing in the trial that the electronic data in his car proved that had been speeding and racing multiple times the month before this happened. He should have known how reckless and dangerous that was! 102mph in a 40mph zone? That is just crazy stupid right there!)

      Cameron won’t serve 24 years. I doubt he will even serve half of that

      A young mother and her innocent baby that lost their lives because of his mistake. Her husband lost his wife and baby girl. He too will be haunted the rest of his life by this

      Very sad all around

    • Stacy. How ignorant are you. He was going over 100 mph on a residential street and was caught doing it in the past. He was a spoiled little kid whose parents bought him a mustang for graduation. He had no concern for the safety of others when doing that speed on those roads… You just think he deserves that white privilege like yourself. If he was a Black kid from the ghetto who killed those two people under the same circumstances you would not be saying how terrible it is and what a tragedy and it’s just an accident. …in fact you would not careful you would not care at all. At least admit that

    • It’s because of people like you are that make excuses for people that this that events like this continue to happen.

      An accident that results from blatantly ignoring the law as well as well as basic safety standards common sense and logic isn’t an accident. It’s manslaughter.

      You are trying to minimize what he did. Giving him a slap of the hand will create a different type of monster while at the same time sending a bad message to other young people tgat may decide to be just as reckless and irresponsible.

      This was a spoiled indulged brat. Parent partly to blame.

    • I wish the mother and her baby could have had a second chance.Their life was taken away by an irresponsible man. Speeding has consequences.

      He is an adult who knows the good and the bad. He took two lives and has to be punished, what do you want? That the families of the victims drop the charges and invite him to have tea while he tells them how the corpses of the mother and her baby flew away?

    • Would u get second chance in Jannah. WHY TEHY RACE IN FUCKING ROAD WHERE THERRE IS FOOTPATH AND there is NO 100% people might be crossing or they might be the one!! or He may prefer to celebrate his graduation with deaths, you’re correct —-> you see those serial killer “everyone have reason to kill” one day we will know the truth—-> if this is accident or not. Wise man say” man cant hide the truth, even it might take decade” If I’m wrong then no forgive for me !

  2. Of course being sexually attractive isn’t an excuse to be acquitted of a crime… but then isn’t this guy going to jail after all? So what “privilege” does he have? Is having a group of fans considered a “privilege” here?

    Secondly, I very much like that you say in the last paragraph what people *should* be doing and what the world *should* look like. It’s much harder however to understand, why it is what it is and how to change it. Falling in love with criminals is a motif known to psychology and anyone wishing to write an educational article about it should learn its dynamics first.

    • The privilege he has is receiving support and sympathy from people although he’s the one who committed the crime, not the victim.

      Second of all, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’s wrong to sympathize with a criminal, that we should direct that sympathy towards the ones who lost a beloved one and that we should think rationally and never defend a criminal just because we find them attractive or charismatic . And I do know that falling in love with criminals has a psychological aspect but I highly doubt this is the case here. It’s about having more awareness and a sense of responsibility and understanding.

        • Dear ALL!
          The ONLY Judge is our Father GOD (His judgement is the last one) & He said clearly that we are going to be judged by the same measure that we judge others…so, go on, be the first one to throw your stone…I am not going to do that!

          My opinion is that “Cam” didn’t followed Bible and by that he wasn’t quite near to the God! In doves moments we all know who is in charge!!!

          I can’t see how his “beauty” helped him out of the trouble…on the contrary he was crucified for the sake of general prevention and “won” 24 years of imprisonment ? as a message to others not to do so!!!

          I am sad at first for a family that lost two nice and worthy lives & on the second I am sure that God have special plane for “Cam”!

          Only God knows the way how to lead such a young soul…to come to Him at last! Sometimes it hurts when God teaches you how to be humble! I’m quite sure that “Cam” will learn his lesson and became much better human than many of them spiting on him here…

          I will surely be praying for this family that lost doves two worthy lives and of course for “Cam” that our Father have mercy to his soul and finaly make him an excellent Christian!


    • This is a great point. Empathizing with criminals have to do with the upbringing of this young man. People might think his parents replaced their attention and love with material things, which made him insensitive and unaware of other people, people might think he is someone who has gone through suffering, loneliness, abandonment or even bet on household violence, therefore the behavior of other people have brought this guy to this predicament and they feel pity for him, but you have to give credit to the looks part, in a hypothetical scenario where this is not about murder but a preference of beauty over ugliness. It is very common in our society.

  3. It’s not about the look he is young and he did not intension to kill ..He don’t hav any bad records actually he is a good kid ..his parents sad also Because they raise him in a good person …but our world surrounded of influence of evil and kids now is really agressive to expercience some stupid things ..yes he got mistake but learn him a lesson ok but not 24 years in jail …

    • The lessons are not about taking lives, especially when you know that speeding will have consequences. Don’t forget the mother and her baby.

      What is the lesson you want for him? A public apology?

      As humanity, we are evolving backwards.

  4. Those who think that he is kid nd didn’t know the concequences of his actions. Let me tell them that ignorance of law is no excuse. A person who is above 18 years old , sane and has rational thinking is not considered to be kid in the eyes of law. He knew the concequences of his actions it may happen but yet he decided to go for it nd killed two innocent human beings who will never come again in this world but he will get out of the jail sooner or later.

  5. I would like to say a few words about this tragedy, I know that everyone has an opinion and I respect it, there are two groups that agree with Cameron’s punishment and the first group is that I would like him to get even more years than he deserves. and they forgave him that he was young and that he didn’t deserve to do everything for them …… he had nothing to drive in the city 100 to 160 km per hour I also understand that everyone thinks I want to get or we are right behind him, because he is handsome, young and cute No, it is not, damn that boy does not deserve it 24 years alone, without family, without family, without proper food without friends that you have in life. I think in life we ​​should be mainly happy health and smiling and sticking together, but our world does not do, but the question is why? when I saw or heard Cameron that day, there was an accident, he helped film Cafe in a restaurant, and when he finished the evening, he went out. And for him, two friends came and they all suggested that they drive well at high speed, that there is actually one video where they are taken fast, in fact, someone or the car is leaving Cameron. He overtook him and at that moment his car started to go awfully crazy and his bike went off. It was not a coincidence. I don’t understand how it could have happened, and when you look at the footage how it happened. How come I don’t understand at all how he could have killed two people, because when you look at the footage of the accident, in fact, when a luxury car crashes at a speed of 100-160 km / ha, I don’t think it would have survived everything in addition to no stroller is not at all mutilated just a little on the side, but is a little bumped stroller is a little crippled, damn, I understand it’s easy to tell us that when someone loses two people from the family, it must be a terrible feeling, I think everyone experienced what can be done, the girls have just died, people are dying every day, so no one is stopping me. I know a young boy and got 24 years for what he did, I think there are an awful lot of people who killed, for example, 5 years is still planned and intentionally get maybe only 10 years. It was an accident, two people lost living 24 years only in prison, it’s terrible, but the boy will come in 2045 and be there for 24 years, just everything I don’t know, I just can’t send this tragedy, I’m still crying and I don’t care who thinks. Because people judge him, a child and a 24-year-old mother kill him, but damn no one knows Nobody in the world knows if the car cheated or if his bike slipped But I understand that no one will explain it to anyone, but I know the world will help him, but I hope that because 24 years of punishment you can’t embrace anyone, no one confessed your love for you Can’t be free I don’t know how to explain it, because I have so many words it wouldn’t go Unsuitable for the whole world, please come and don’t be bad, but I know he’s strong and brave , even though no one helped him, so I know he will, he is strong enough, it is said that he is still thinking about his experience and so the boy will be nothing in prison for 24 years, he only knows anger and people who show him ugly things and in 2045 When Camerono is 45 years old so he won’t know what happened in life What happened in the world, if the world got worse or improved, it will come out and be completely confused about how people have changed or what world they are about acts Why has it changed? a boy doesn’t live his own family, he doesn’t live a life in life he doesn’t experience travel he doesn’t experience anything damn it’s hard to know that Cameron will come in 24 years your world damn He has dolls and life before him and especially from that prison a completely different boy and I know one thanks a day for what we did for him, so I don’t think he really deserves it, I understand he killed two dead girls or a girl with a baby But the lady really had nothing to do outside the crossing and still on the road with a small child and she still had nothing to do with it, and the boy is kicking for 24 years now, where only they will be disgusting, rough and have to do everything they say, I hope the world will help him and simply everyone has their opinion, I understand and I respect, I don’t know how it will be with him every day, I look on the internet, if there is something better on it some news better, I think absolute Everyone should get a second chance to make such a big mistake that you can not forgive it, but I think there are bigger and pretty big mistakes that they punish people with even less punishment than Cameron, I cry every day when he speaks or writes and I hope I pray every day to let him go

    • Your whole essay does not make any sense if you are only thinking about a young lad and nobody else. If we let him go by giving lenient punishment then it will encourage other young rich handsome lads to Overspeed and kill pedestrians because they know they will get over it. This punishment is necessary to establish deterrence in our society by saving other lives who can be killed for overspeeding. Would you have thought the same if it were your sister or daughter?

    • Well, those are certainly all words.
      #1 Are you under the impression that this street race was at night? It happened shortly before noon. He hit them close to 11:45 in the morning.
      #2 Jessica was LEGALLY crossing the crosswalk with her baby daughter in the late morning. She was in town visiting family, and had done nothing wrong.
      #3 They have evidence from the vehicle he was driving in, that he was going 102 mph.
      #4 He admitted he was guilty.
      #5 He had a good lawyer, his parents paid for the best.
      #6 All 3 men graduated from the same expensive Catholic School.
      #7 He’s not being starved in an American prison. He probably eats better than you or I.
      #8 This was not an accident!!! He committed a felony (murder of both Jessica and her baby girl) while committing yet another crime (street racing). Oh, and he was also committing a crime by speeding.
      #9 This was not just a mistake.
      #10 Since it seems you’re not from the area, you should know that just over 30 minutes away from Bayshore Blvd, there’s a LEGAL racing area that’s far away from a major pedestrian walkway.
      #11 He was able to go through the legal system properly. He had a choice to have a trial or just a Judge preside over his case. He admitted he was guilty and he was given a chance, through his lawyer and other experts, to go through the process and have a fair judgement from the Judge.

      Lastly: he isn’t the victim. Jessica, her baby, her husband, and their family are the victims. Again, Jessica was LEGALLY crossing the road on a crosswalk. She was a good person. Where is her second chance? Her baby has no second chance. Her baby died before riding a bike, before starting school, before making a friend, before getting a chance to live her life!!! While Jessica died nearly instantly, her baby girl suffered until she died the next day. She was extremely injured, to put it mildly. She felt it all, couldn’t cry out for her mommy, and was in extreme pain.

      Stop and think. Cameron knowingly broke the law. He grew up in Tampa. He knew about the people dying on Bayshore Blvd because of speeding cars, and those cars weren’t going as fast as he was. He KNEW the risks – and when he CHOSE to engage in illegal street racing on Bayshore Blvd – he knew what could happen.

      Cameron is NOT a victim here at all.

    • no. first , hes 21, so not young.
      second it was no accident. Streetracing is no accident. u do it on purpose.
      yeah it needs to be reconsidered. He deserves way more years.

      • 18 is a teen. Get it… eighTEEN! He was 18 when it happened. That’s a teenager, and that’s young. HORRIBLE accident and he is GUILTY of speeding and reckless driving that resulted in a horrific accident because he did not intent to kill them. Very sad for all, and mostly for the two lost lives and their family.

  6. Yes Its truth that people show sympathy with Cameron Herrin just because he looks innocent …But In my point of view I support him not because of his appearance .Court must put him in prison And punished him but not for 24 years …its a long time period …To Realized any one mistake Few months are enough too much….I Have also alot of sympathy with victim family .

  7. Yhe young generation is not sympathizing him because of his looks. You said the people who say that the accident was unintentional are wrong because car racing in streets is intentional. Okay that is! But the accident was unintentional. We are not asking to release him. He should get the punishment but of car racing in streets. Not because of an unintentional accident. hope you get it now. Stop being an animal. You are a human. Show some humanity!

    • You should say that to yourself and “ stop being an animal” and actually use your cognitive skills as a human, and show sympathy to the right side. Law doesn’t care whether it was his intention to kill them or not. Law recognizes that he’s a human with full brain and he should’ve thought about the consequences of his acts before doing them.

    • You are the primitive being. Over-speeding has consequences, it was Cameron’s decision not to act like a rational human being.

      His irresponsibility caused the death of a mother and her baby, do you want him to be rewarded for what he did?

      He deserves to be punished. I hope that your loved ones are never affected by irresponsible citizens, because having a person like you around, why have an enemy?

      Are the lives of the victims worth nothing?

  8. Women and girls who are sympathising with this criminal are suffering from Hybristophilia. It is a mental illness. Such mentally abnormal people are potential criminals that fantasize and romanticize crimes by handsome men. Such an unjust mentality actually facilitates crimes.
    Like paedophilia is a crime, Hybristophilia too should be declared a crime and such people be locked in jail or mental asylum wherever they get fit. There is no place for Hybristophiles in a civilized society.

    • A similar case happened in my town two months ago. There was only one deceased. The driver was not handsome, you would have seen how the citizens wish him the worst.

      The citizens I speak of are currently supporting Cameron. One of the citizens is my cousin, I asked her what the difference is between the two cases and she couldn’t even answer me. Obviously my cousin has a penchant for Cameron because of his attractiveness.

  9. How can you sympathized with a criminal who intentionally killed two innocent beatiful souls? You are a Hybristophile but you don’t wanna admit this.
    Every sane person knows that race on public street means extremely high risk of fatal accident.
    His punishment is less. He has already enjoyed 21 years of his life and he can enjoy another 40-45 years of his life after release from jail. This 24 years punishment is little. He should have been punished for 35 years at least.

  10. The moment he decided to speed, a tragedy was likely to ensue, and it did. Driving like he was in Fast & Furious was HIS choice. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to speed.

    Did the mother and her baby deserve to die?

    He was irresponsible and irresponsibility has consequences. The users who are excusing Cameron, are proof that we are evolving backwards.

  11. I wouldn’t want to go out for a walk and get run over by an irresponsible man who thinks he’s in Fast & Furious.

    It was certain that a tragedy was going to occur the moment Cameron made the decision to over-speeding. It could even be his own death.

    The fact that he took two lives cannot be removed, no matter how many colors you put on it.

  12. I am sorry, but I feel so confused after reading the comments. Does anyone drive here ?? I mean 102 mph we are not talking 30 40. For metric people 60 mph is ~99 km/h 102 is 164 km/h in a boulevard, not highway not a 3 lane road with barriers left an right where pedestrians are not allowed. A boulevard( a road by the sea) with bicycle roads attached left and right. Why can’t you understand that it is criminal to just consider doing that. Don’t forget the mother was 23 at the time. Who ever names this crime an accident lacks common sense…

    • Yeah I did mention in the article that what he did is wrong. But I’ve seen many girls defending him because they thought he was too pretty to be in jail so I believe that they also should be educated about how wrong their behavior is.

  13. I don’t know the whole story, but if my wife and child or my daughter and my grandkid were killed like this, I‘d do whatever I could to make the murderer pay, and if the law failed to do that, I’d do it myself.

  14. Hola yo me me puse a llorar cuando vi el caso de Cameron Herrín el es un buen chico pero por hacer las cosas mal le quito la vida a una niña que no puedo conocer el mundo casarse tener hijos graduarse etc. Y le quito la vida a una madre joven que también tenia mucho que vivir pero no lo voy a juzgar el tomo una decisión mala que le trajo consecuencia pero todos sabemos que estamos en este mundo para perdonar y cometer errores pero bueno lo que paso paso nada mas le deseo mucha suerte en la cárcel y que siga adelante y para Isabella Guzmán no le creo que hiso eso eso es algo muy grave matara a la madre que la trajo a este mundo no eso no puede seguir así pero no me se la vida que tenían ni como era su relación de madre e hija ni los problemas que tenían pero no me importa ella cometió eso y yo no me puedo andar metiendo en la vida de los demás por que eso no ayuda para nada.

  15. You’re very evil and envious. Cameron is not a psychopath, he didn’t intentionally murder. You’re not normal! I’m a criminal psychologist and I think you’re a psychopath. You’re ugly and evil. Go to the doctor.

  16. In western culture its a big deal to drive fast. Men and women are impressed by it. As a young guy, he was doing something that society secretly admires and he wanted to make the cut.
    Did he want to hurt anybody? Surely not.
    Definitely car racing circuits are needed and the racers should be sent there.
    My opinion is 6- 8 years max

    • Speeding and two counts of vehicular manslaughter. So basically according to you, he should get 6 years for speeding illegally right? Yes and combine that with two counts of vehicular manslaughter (both about 10 years) and then we get a sum total of 26 years; 2 years longer than the court ruling.

  17. I know i will leave alot of people triggered here so here goes:
    1) to those people who said ‘it’s not about him being handsome he’s still a kid’, he’s 18 by the time of accident which in my opinion is no longer a kid
    2) to those who said it was an ‘accident’, my man, an accident indicated an unintended agenda whereas he’s speeding and racing fully aware of the consequences and therefore is not an accident
    3) i see some tiktokers even comparing this to a muslim man forgiving his child’s murderer…sorry to say that murderer still got his sentence so even if the husband forgive the boy he still has to go to jail
    4) for some who say 24 is too long…darling, 24 years is nothing compared to the husband’s eternal loss of his wife and child and last i checked they didn’t include speeding and illegal racing so it could be longer
    5) update: i saw some tiktokers accusing the husband of the victims for taking 6 million and going all drama on the driver….that is really a disgusting behaviour and i wish for that to stop…
    Moral of the story: yea being good looking CAN try to help you get out of murder if they can help you
    Sorry for the long post here’s a bad looking potato ()

  18. For all of these people who consider this to be an “incident”, I’d love to see you having your wife and daughter or any family member get killed because of someone else’s amusement and see if you’d still consider it that way. Two people are dead, two lives have been taken without a second chance and there might have been many more of them. Intention is not the only thing that matters. He had no intention to kill these people but he did everything intentionally, he didn’t slip and fall. In this disgustingly selfsh society, we must learn to respect other people’s lives and not risk them for some fun. Lives are precious. 24 years aren’t enough.

  19. As far as I’m concerned this ADULT s$%t head should have got life! He needs to spend the rest of his life in jail paying back the TWO beautiful lives he took! An accident is turning the corner at normal speed and hitting them……street racing at 100 mph is stupidity that should be severely punished.

  20. he have beautiful eyes he is handsome that’s why people support him but he he is criminal of black guy do this no one support him he is criminal my self harry chris from pakistan

  21. If he had killed an ugly woman and an ugly baby (you are using beauty as your yardstick), this unjust 24 year sentence would be much less. Judge Nash is a self-righteous pig appointed by a crook Senator (Scott).

    • @Colleen okay let’s see here. A count of vehicular manslaughter can be around 10 years. That’s two counts in this case. And illegal speeding and reckless driving, damage of property etc should be 6 or 8 years right? So that’s like 26 years combined. He got 24. Of course this ruling may be different based on where you live. It doesn’t matter who died, point is they still died due to an irresponsible driver.

  22. I am not a teenager to fall in love for his looks but seeing him as a kid who accepted that he did a mistake. You can see in his actions , eyes and how he is breathing heavily in the court room that his anxiety is on top of the roof . He regrets everything that happened, cannot switch it back to normal testified that he feels for the loss of 2 lives via his hands and will remember his entire life . It’s different when someone repents over a mistake they have done . So he deserves a 2 Nd chance . He did not intent to kill anyone on the street, again I feel sorry for the mother and baby but jay walking , it could be an accident by anyone who was on that street at that day or time for sure . Whether speeding or not .

    • Yes he will get that second chance once he serves out his sentence, why y’all acting like he got the death sentence?
      He’s getting punishment for what he deserved. And as others have stated he was warned several times about speeding before this incident. He himself admitted guilty. I’m sure with good behaviour he won’t have to serve out that full sentence either.

  23. The fact that you’re proving yourself to be those dumbass defenders, exactly what this article is saying!
    Btw Who cares if it’s an accident or murder? Even if it was unintentional he still killed two peoples! It’s a crime
    And how does speeding on the public road seems normal to you? There’s a thing called “Law” and “Jail” for a reason! He was sentenced to jail for 24 years in prison very fairly! People have been following the law for a decade and so should he! He’s 18 not 5! Even my 8yr old brother knows that speeding is illegal!

  24. Que tiene que ver sea bello el no merece 24 años carcel porque es igual que matarlo en vida.
    No es un criminal.Su amigo esta libre y el 24 años algo injusto .Yo soy vieja 43 años no creeran me voy fijar su belleza eso para mi es igual.No es un criminal para vivir 24 años como tal .Justicia para el rebajen la condena o mandenlo casa prision domiciliaria con su familia

  25. I think Miss Justice should be blind. There is no reason for somebody to be cuddled for killing people. It was an accident, yes. But he don’t have to race and if he race, he should have known that he can can kill somebody or crash into another car or something like that. Everybody should be the same in front of justice. Sorry for my bad english but i hope it is understandable.

  26. FYI it’s not about his looks, it’s about his future, unfair how they put a sentenced to him.. It’s not intentionally killed its accidentally you should look at his background!!!

  27. I’m a 45 y o mom. I’m not swayed by Cameron’s looks. I’m moved by his age. He made a stupid tragic mistake. He was 18 y o when the accident happened. At that age he did not understand the consequences of his action. If you were lucky enough to have a loving mother, ask her if she stopped worrying about you the minute you turned 18. We may not show it but we worry because that’s the age people make stupid mistakes and think they’re invincible.

    Cars like the Mustang are have so much power. You will never feel the speed.
    That car was a wrong choice but nothing you or I say is worse that what Cheryl Herrin is telling herself.

    Taking away the life of a 21 y o for a mistake he made when he was 18 will not being Jessica and Lillia back. That mother and daughter are together in heaven. If as per what David says, his wife was a natural mother and positive person, I’m sure she herself would have forgiven Cameron. He said even 80 years is insufficient but 24 is no different. There was resentment towards the fact that his parents had money. It was the same money that has compensated 8 member of Jessica’s family with 6.4 million dollars.

    Her family has handed him a life sentence. They speak of compassion and forgiveness. These are nothing but token words. He will be 46 years old when he gets released.
    The prison Cameron is in now does not have the provision to allow him to study further. Florida prisons are cruel. He’ll be hardened by his time in jail. He will have to try to understand and live in a world that is totally different to the one he left. May not have parents alive at that time or any support system in place. Will never have a family of his own.

    Cameron is a good person. He was bookish is what peers claim. He was not drunk or on drugs. By all accounts he is trying to atone for the deaths he caused with his life. Everyday across the world there are 20, 39 & 40 y o who choose to drink, text etc and drive. What is the use of throwing a person into an overcrowded prison system? Give him minimal jail time followed by probation, 100s of hours of community service, counseling.

    Jessica and her daughter will never be forgotten but time will heal her family’s anguish. The same cannot be said for the Herrin family because this is a nightmare they wake up to everyday. It’s true purgatory.

    The state of Florida should have stricter rules and a better monitoring system. If you know there is a culture of street racing, why didn’t the traffic department take more precautions? Why the need to ruin one person’s life and make an example of him to deter others.

    No one is saying he doesn’t deserve prison time but 24 years is a life sentence to a 21 y o.

  28. I am not supporting Cameron because of his looks mistakes happen it is not like he plan to murder someone accidents happen in life but to sentence him to 24 years is a very harsh punishment it is enough of a punishment that he has to live with it. It is very sad story for everyone Evolved but 24 years for someone who isn’t falling under the category of your hard core criminals is not right

  29. this reasoning: he knew about the consequences, I don’t agree. Every driver who gets into his car knows that he can always have an accident. It doesn’t matter whether I stick to the speed or not. I’ve been driving a car for 27 years. Many kilometers a year. I also have a road that is similar to this one. The speed limit there is 43 miles. I’ve seen a lot of accidents there. Even if I keep to the speed, it always depends on when a pedestrian crosses the street. So how far away the car is. Some pedestrians are careless and simply walk without estimating the speed and distance of the cars and the driver cannot always brake in time. You always have to consider the stopping distance of a vehicle. If a pedestrian walks 165 feet in front of me on the street, I cannot brake in time and I have often experienced this situation. The driver is always the one who got blamend. This street where the accident happened did not have a pedestrian crossing. This means that pedestrians have to be just as careful as the driver and not just cross the street without looking. As a driver, I don’t have to stop without a pedestrian crosswalk only because a pedestrian appears on the side. The lady had the right to cross the street at this point. But it is also true that she has the duty to check the road beforehand. That she has not seen and heard the cars cannot be. But there is no information about when she entered the street, did she look, was she distracted and just cross without looking. Of course this young man deserves a punishment, but personally for me the sentence it too harsh. The judge himself said that the court has no evidence and does not believe that he wanted to cause the accident. And the punishment for reckless speeding for a first-time offender is 90 days in prison and a fine. At the trial it was confirmed that he had no previous convictions until the accident. Neither because of reckless speeding nor another. About the money the victim family got everyone has their own opinion. Personally, I find it repulsive that the family has accepted the money. Then attacking the other side for it is pathetic. You accepted the money. If it had disgusted you, you should have said no to it or you should have donated the entire sum. But they shared everything among themselves. For me personally this case ist difficult. We only know what media shares. And the media shared one sided information which is totally clear because the city was under pressure. The victim family blamed them as well and did it always by media. So the pressure on the way high. The city had to do something to silent the victim family and this sentence is the result of it.

  30. We do not sympathize with him for the sake of handsomeness.. You are wrong.. Girls do not sympathize with him.. Old fathers and mothers.. Because judging someone for 24 years for a mistake I think is a very cruel punishment.. We have seen such crimes as their punishment does not You are more than 10 or 15 years, 5 years and 22 months..Do you think this is fair?

  31. Igen! Hibázott! De két szó van aminek van jelentősége! Baleset vagy szándékosság! Cameron egy fiatal felnőtt! És ez baleset! Szívből sajnálom az anyát és a kislányt de nem szándékosan tette! Aki előre elteveli és szándékosan öl meg embereket azok nem kapnak ennyi évet! Ha jól tudom a család elég jó kártérítést kapott, tudom ezzel nem kapja vissza a családját, de a pénzt zsebre rakta a srácra meg a maximumot kérte!ki nem hibázott még? De 24 év egy balesetért? A bíró sem normális!! Más Amerikában 6 évet kap ilyen balesetért! Mind a két családot sajnálom de ez a 25 év felháborító! Oda a fiatal élete! Sajnos akkor sem kapja vissza a családját az apa ha 6 évet vagy 24 évet kap Cameron! Ne ő szabja meg a büntetést a pénzel a zsebében! Elég büntetés ennek a gyereknek ezzel együtt élni! A tanára is nyilatkozott hogy sírva járt be a suliba! Mint sok fiatal csak vagánykodott, nem gondolt bele hogy egy életre fájdalmat okoz sok embernek és persze magának is! Pedofil majmok gyilkosok nem kapnak ennyit! Ne értse férre senki, jár a büntetés 5~6 év de nem 24..!kíváncsi lennék hogy a bíró gyereke tette volna neki mennyit adna? Mert aki volán mögé ül, ha nem is hajt gyorsan bárkivel előfordulhat ilyen balesetet szenved! Remélem át értékelik a büntetést!

  32. #cameronherrin
    #justiceforcameronherrin #JusticeForHerrin
    Some people may get angry, but this fact is he is not a murderer It was an accident , and we are very sorry for this family’s loss.

  33. I feel really Sorry for the loss of the mother and her baby. But all you did was compare Cameron with those psycho killers. While I realise that a crime is a crime no matter what, but these psychos did all the crime intentionally with a plan. In Cameron’s case it was totally unintentional he would have never thought in his nightmare he would land at such situation. All he did as a mistake was speeding up in the street. I wanna know how many of y’all never crossed 100mph while driving in an empty street? I’m sure the count would be less. All we are saying that 24 years is too much to realise his mistake. It could be 10 or 15. Its enough. Its not about appearance, it could be a black guy standing right there with the same kind of response. Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.

    • I didn’t compare Cameron to other psychopaths, I was talking about the idea of romanticizing criminals and sympathizing with them and put some examples for it.

      All the law knows is that he drove over the allowed speed and he illegally raced, causing a murder of two souls. Just because many people overspeed in an empty street, doesn’t mean it’s okay to do so.

      I specifically talked about some people who actually stated that they think he doesn’t deserve jail time because he looks too innocent and decent, so don’t say “it’s not about his looks”, because there IS an evidence for many people sympathizing with him because of his looks.

  34. I feel really Sorry for the loss of the mother and her baby. But all you did was compare Cameron with those psycho killers. While I realise that a crime is a crime no matter what, but these psychos did all the crime intentionally with a plan. In Cameron’s case it was totally unintentional he would have never thought in his nightmare he would land at such situation. All he did as a mistake was speeding up in the street. I wanna know how many of y’all never crossed 100mph while driving in an empty street? I’m sure the count would be less. All we are saying that 24 years is too much to realise his mistake. It could be 10 or 15. Its enough. Its not about appearance, it could be a black guy standing right there with the same kind of response. Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes..

  35. Wtf.. murder? Define it.. this was an accident to where all evidence shows she was j walking she wasn’t deaf or blind.. and 30 to 40 mph isn’t racing.. stop spreading lies..I live in the area and no normal person would even attempt crossing that road.. let alone with ur baby.. what was her state of mind? If he was driving at 100 mph don’t u think cameron would have ended up in the bay?? Skid marks,completely destroyed car? All the evidence shows he wasn’t speedin.. baby lived for 2 days.. 100 mph think.. imagine what happens to a dear when u hit it driving at 65mph.. now shut the hell up.

  36. The person who wrote this,it was blind or deaf?! How can you say something like that?! This is not about the way he looks! This is about justice! It was an accident! He is also a victim! That woman crossed the street illegally with her child next to her! Why no one wonders about that woman’s intention! Stop calling him “criminal” that boy is innocent and the evidence shows that!

    • Yeah yeah correct, the court, judge and police are sooo evil, they didn’t check the engine’s speed, nor did they verify he was ILLEGALY racing when the incident happened. You’re definitely right Marwa.

      • Except that he was only going 30-40 when the accident happened. The police office testified to that in court and there were no skid marks. He was NOY racing upon impact.

  37. So alot of people say “hes too cute to be in jail” or “hes to young” NO he is 21 years old which is a grown adult. Well if it’s a accident then- NO he did the crime now he does the time. He probably deserves more years. He has had WARNINGS before he was ILLEGALLY STREET RACING and KILLED 2 PEOPLE and then gets let free because hes cute. EXCUSE ME? What has this society become. This is the law not some little accident. He deserves to be put back in and a couple more years. If he didnt think about the consequences of street racing then that’s his fault for not thinking ahead.

  38. It’s not about handsome it’s about he’s young boy and only second child that’s unfair hope he gets a second chance ?
    People make mistakes. We are all human beings…

  39. I think he should be sentenced like 6 yes or so because he was speeding in a public street about the mother and daughter why did she not look before she crossed the street hes innocent for the mother and daughter case but guilty for the speeding thats my opinion.

  40. Just how even can you compare Ted Bundy with cameron Cameron was a young boy who decided really bad decision that day yes he killed a mother and her baby right but he did not it intentionally you never ever can call him criminal !!!! Imagine that day he was speeding that much high speed and nothing would happen right? So in this situation I described is he still criminal???? No!!! So he did drive with that much high speed intentionally! But with just that he is not criminal but he killed that two people right? Right! But never wanted to kill anyone!!! So how you can call him criminal!!!

  41. Don’t worry about the heartless comments; they won’t understand until they have experienced the tragedy of losing an only child and his love, as well as being left alone, which is a harder way to live than being in prison. We all make mistakes, but did he ever cry or ask for forgiveness from the man himself, or at least pretend he asked for forgiveness, and why did he try to escape after he was murdered? Ay ay You know why? —- He thinks it is just the way we live, which is “we all die one day”. This is a fact, but… YOU WILL SEE IT JUST THE WAY WE LIVE. IT’S JUST THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT FELT AND THERE IS NO MORE FORGIVENESS, even if you are in any religion, you have to forgive enemies when you lose the people you love and care about, because you have to give your life to protect them no matter what. I’m not saying you’re wrong and not trying to be biased. I just want to tell you guys to able to think about what is wrong and what is right! Even you already knew that, You still learn what is right and wrong in your church or mosque! ARE you EVEn Listening to ur Imam and pastors. OH I get it know. The reason for this is that no one tells you to think, but only to follow. And then When you walk alone, you believe what you think, but you do know if it is right! dumbass—-You can even say you are a Muslim. CHECK IF THIS IS EVEN LOVE

  42. I followed hte case and I was shocked with the verdict in the country where the guy who deliberetly killed pregnant woman got much less years in prison than this young guy who did what he did but non intetionaly. He was seventheen, exchausted by ending high school, buzzing hormons, and made his biggest mistake of his life. But the main question is if the youth reckless can be asses as premeditation murder? What is the main function of a penalty – fulfill a revange as in Hammurabi ancient law?. I am Roman Catholic and everyday pray to the God ” forgive me as I forgive my culprits. “

    • Wow!!! Wow !!! Wow!!!
      His mom is an executive at state farm and never explained an automobile is the same as a loaded gun. Use it very carefully. It’s a privilege not a right to own one….

  43. First of all the entire premise is nonsense. Journalism isn’t a good fit for the author. Most journalists like to twist the facts to support their narratives even if it means relying on misinformation.

    This scam artists starts by asserting that he is going to get away with murder while acknowledging he faces a 24 year sentence which is in excess of the sentencing guidelines. So not only is he not getting away with murder but he is facing stiffer penalties then most.

    Zero credibility. Work on that doublethink.

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Uber offers free vaccination rides to Cairo International Convention Center as part of global pledge