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Victor Sorrentino Case Updates: Fernando Conrado still free and Travel Agencies cancel Contacts with the bazaar the victim worked in

The Victim’s Lawyer confirms they had no knowledge of the harassment until the story broke in Egypt, which was AFTER his “apology” video. As for Fernando Conrado, he’s still living his best life in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Victor Sorrentino Case Updates: Fernando Conrado still free and Travel Agencies cancel Contacts with the bazaar the victim worked in

Update (7 June): Victor Sorrentino returned to Brazil on Sunday, June 6, after being released by the Egyptian authorities, according to a statement issued by his legal counsel.

According to Sorrentino’s legal counsel, “his priority is to be reunited with his family, and in due course, he will speak publicly about the incident.”

We wanted to keep our readers updated about what was happening, and fill some gaps about the Victor Sorrentino story and give everyone a better understanding of the events of the incident.

If you’re unsure of the incident, we recommend you read our previous article on the case.

But in short, the story involves Sorrentino harassing a shop seller in Luxor, Egypt in Portuguese, a language she couldn’t speak, and posted the video to his social media.

Brazilian activists alerted Egyptians about the incident, and together, Sorrentino was arrested. With that said, his arrest isn’t a happy ending yet.

Victor Sorrentino’s friend in the video, Fernando Conrado, is still free in Egypt.

Fernando Conrado was seen with the Brazilian doctor Victor Sorrentino in the video.

Victor Sorrentino Case Updates: Fernando Conrado still free and Travel Agencies cancel Contacts with the bazaar the victim worked in

We think Fernando Conrado’s arrest is a lot more important than Sorrentino’s because Conrado works in tourism and he brings tourists to our country, Egypt. 

He enabled Sorrentino and will probably allow others to.

I fact, he is selling an e-book about tourism in Egypt. Yes, he’s making money out of exploiting us.

It’s worth noting that Fernando Conrado became famous in Brazil in April when he claimed to be censored on social media after using a phrase from Hitler.

It’s not the first link between the men and Nazis, however.

One of our followers on Twitter pointed out that Sorrentino follows Olavo de Carvalho. 

Olavo de Carvalho is a far-right conspiracy theorist who’s an openly Nazi sympathizer, and some might say, is a Nazi himself. However, we haven’t found any sources of him admitting it. 

What we do know is that he hates Muslims more than anything.

This isn’t the first time Victor Sorrentino does this.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first video of Victor Sorrentino harasses a girl who doesn’t speak his language. 

After we published our expose, we had a flood of replies from Brazilian readers and activists who have exposed Sorrentino and his acts.

You might be asking, what happened to the girl and the bazaar she worked in? Glad you asked; it’s been bad!

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the woman whos been harassed by the Brazilian doctor and influencer Victor Sorrentino, it just did.

In his so-called apology video, the victim wasn’t even aware that she was harassed earlier

It’s been revealed that the woman and the owner of the papyrus shop only learned about the incident through social media.

We want to thank @isuperio on Instagram and Twitter for sending us the video

They received many calls from Egyptian and Latin human rights associations offering legal assistance.

The video spread widely in Latin American countries before it made it to Egypt, which is why Sorrentino made the “apology” video. Whoever, by that time, no one knew about the case in Egypt, including the victim.

Afterwards, Brazilians contacted Egyptians about the case. Moreover, women’s organizations in Brazil and Latin American countries contacted the shop owner and offered to intervene to support the girl and the shop.

One of the young people studying the Portuguese language and working in tourism volunteered to translate the video and submitted it with our report to the Egyptian security services.

The victim’s lawyer indicated that the security services immediately after the arrival of the report and the spread of the video, arrested the tourist, and listened to the girl’s statements, adding that the translator provided a literal and text translation of the offensive words in the video, and is continuing its investigations into the incident.

Travel Agencies canceled their contracts with the bazaar the victim worked in

According to Gamal Abu Zeid, the woman’s lawyer and the bazaar’s son, the incident greatly affected the shop’s reputation.

It led to substantial financial damages, as some Latin tourism companies canceled their contract with the bazaar, believing that its owners failed the girl. 

However, Abu Zaid told Al Arabiya that the shop owner’s concerns now are to get the woman’s rights. Then they can negotiate with these companies and explain the matter to them and remove the misunderstanding.

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Written by Raghda El-Sayed

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  1. I imagine it’s quite obvious, but I want to ensure that people like this Brazilian doctor are a minority in Brazil. I, like most Brazilians, repudiate this type of behavior. I hope that all involved in this case would be punished.

    • You are so wrong! The majority of Brazilian male with money will believe they can do whatever they want. I only wish a good 5 years die in in jail. My wishes for real

  2. I think it’s a big misunderstanding about what they really told. They are great people, brilliant minds who struggle against corruption of the left party here in Brazil. So all they speak and think is distorted by the left media, mainly after they start supporting our president Bolsonaro, which is from de right party. They don’t deserve these arresting. It was only a kind of play or joke we brazillians do all the time with our friends.

  3. Your article is based on another article by a far-left group that, as usual, is using politics to distill hatred and more hatred. Well done, biased media! And by the way not all Brazilians are like this stupid guy…

    • This is an Egyptian website, and we don’t even care about Brazilian politics. Additionally, this was one of the first, if not the first, articles written about the incident purely based on the video.

      In cases like these, it’s important to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around your political beliefs.

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