Even after winning the Golden Globes, Ramy Youssef’s grandpa is still disappointed

This is as Arab as it gets!

ramy 1
ramy 1

American Egyptian actor Ramy Youssef just shared on his Instagram his grandfather’s reaction to holding his Golden Globes. And in the most Arabic fashion, his grandfather expressed his disappointment about Ramy not graduating from university.

Not just that, but his gedo thinks it won’t be worth it unless he wins the Emmy’s, cause Ramy Malek ain’t better than his Ramy!


Ramy Youssef is known for his role in the Hulu hit show Ramy, which gave him his first Golden Globes. Ramy is also nominated for not one, but TWO Emmy’s this year, with one for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and the other for Outstanding directing for a Comedy Series, both for the show Ramy.

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