Why I’m Done With Those Who Did NOT Respect the Pandemic!

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Coming into 2020, no one would’ve suspected that the virus, Covid-19 (aka Corona Virus) spreading in China, would spread worldwide –literally. But, people reacted differently; some panicked, while others didn’t care or respect the pandemic. Heck, you got the United States of America president not to believe in the seriousness of the virus.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am also entitled to mine. And now I think that I genuinely can’t trust or respect anyone who wasn’t taking precautions during the pandemic.

I’m not saying everyone should’ve panicked, but we should have done at least the bare minimum. We MUST have! What sounded like common sense and common decency to most was a foreign language to many, and I will not have these people in my life again.

Let me make it clear why I think you’re not worthy of any respect.

If you refused to wear masks, then you refused to save everyone else’s life.

Wearing a mask is NOT about you! It’s for those around you. I know you think you’re above all, but you could very much likely be sick yourself. The mask is not about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting others from yourself.

If you were sick, literally, anyone you come across, even from a distance, you’ve been endangered. You’ve also threatened their friends and families and anyone they came across as well. So you are causing a chain reaction that could end up having hundreds, if not thousands, others sick as well. 

Respect the Pandemic!
Why I’m Done With Those Who Did NOT Respect the Pandemic!

You preferred going out to protecting yourself and others.

Even the introverts were overt the lockdown. We all are! Take that chip off your shoulder, and stay inside unless it’s urgent!!

And don’t you dare have the “why don’t you stay inside” argument. Not everyone has the luxury to stay in lockdown. There are those working, especially those who are in the medical field.

They are risking their lives, as well as their families, every day. But they are not doing that because you wanted to go out and post some Instagram stories! 

The end of the curfew did NOT mean it’s the end of the pandemic.

The countries that went back to their regular lives did that because they flattened the curve. We didn’t. While I’m sure the government had its reason to let us survive without the lockdown, they clearly didn’t say the pandemic is over, and you should go back to normal.

Even if they did, which they haven’t, you are still supposed to be an educated and mature person of at least an average intelligence. You should know that people are still dying, and you can even get sick and make others get sick as well. 

You do NOT know if the person in front of you is a high risk or not.

Sadly, many high-risk cases were forced to go to work and supermarkets, among other places, for urgent errands. You might think a person looks young and healthy, but they could be suffering from something you don’t know about. They don’t owe you an explanation of their health condition. 

Life would have been safer for them if you only went out when necessary and if you wore a mask!

Respect the Pandemic.

Your selfishness and stupidity is a massive risk to society, and I will not be okay with you, potentially killing me. 

My life is more important than your comfort! If you don’t respect my life, then you’re dead to me!

What do you think?


Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of El-Shai.com and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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