Egyptian Police Officer and 5 Rioters Face Trial for Bedouin Murder

Egyptian Police Officer and 5 Rioters Face Trial for Bedouin Murder

In a case that has captured national attention, the Public Prosecution has announced its decision to refer a police officer and five other individuals to criminal trial for their alleged involvement in the events that unfolded in the Sidi Brani area of Marsa Matrouh on July 11th, resulting in the tragic death of a Bedouin civilian.

The Public Prosecution’s first official statement regarding the case provided details about the incident in which Hafez Hawiya, also known as Farhat Al-Mahfouzi, lost his life due to a fatal gunshot fired by a police officer. The incident occurred amidst a clash between a group of rioters and the officer, leading to the unfortunate crossfire that claimed the victim’s life.

Following the incident, Egyptian authorities initiated a thorough investigation to ensure justice for the victim and hold accountable those responsible for the tragic events. Consequently, the police officer involved in the incident, along with five individuals allegedly implicated in the clash, were apprehended and are now awaiting trial.

During the questioning conducted by the Public Prosecution, the accused police officer denied the charges leveled against him, claiming self-defense. He asserted that he fired his weapon after the driver of the vehicle, which he alleges was attempting to run him over, caused him to lose balance. However, witnesses’ accounts and video footage support an alternative narrative, indicating that the deceased accelerated the car while security forces were attempting to bring the vehicle to a halt.

The Public Prosecution’s statement also shed light on the aftermath of the incident. It revealed that following the events, a group of individuals gathered near the Sidi Brani police station, attempting to storm the facility in response to the earlier clash. Despite efforts to disperse the gathering, the residents resorted to pelting the security forces with stones, resulting in injuries sustained by four officers during the arrests.

Tragically, one individual from the gathering struck a security officer with their vehicle, causing fatal injuries. The Public Prosecution’s subsequent inspections uncovered theft and damage to public property, leading to the identification of five individuals involved in the acts of rioting and gathering. During the questioning, one suspect admitted to running over the deceased security officer, while the others denied their participation, although investigations revealed a criminal record for the admitting suspect.

After carefully examining the evidence and considering the statements provided by all defendants, the Public Prosecution has determined that a criminal trial is warranted. This decision represents a crucial step towards achieving justice for the victim and ensuring accountability for those involved in the incident.

The trial proceedings will shed further light on the events and provide an opportunity for the truth to be uncovered. As the trial progresses, El-Shai will continue to closely follow the developments and provide our readers with timely updates on this significant case that has highlighted the importance of justice, rule of law, and accountability within Egypt’s legal system.

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