After great success in Dubai, ACE FOR GOOD took place in Cairo to support the Egyptian Autistic Society

After great success in Dubai, ACE FOR GOOD took place in Cairo to support the Egyptian Autistic Society

The second ACE for Good 2021 tennis tournament will be inaugurated on October 22nd organized by Hussein Nada 17 years old, a grade 12 student in the American School of Dubai, in partnership with Smash Academy, one of the most prominent tennis academies based in Cairo.


Hussein Nada created the platform to connect tennis lovers to play and support a good cause. The first tournament featured some of Dubai’s top players and managed to collect 576,000 EGP all proceeds went to the Dubai Autism Center. The second tournament will take place in Cairo on the 22nd of October, 2021, hosted by Smash Academy.


The initiative was welcomed by numerous players and the support of the business community sponsorship such as Allam Group, Triangle Construction group, ASGC and Bridgestone .

With the players participation fees, the total proceeds of 800,000 EGP went directly to the Egyptian Autistic Society.

We are very proud of Hussien Nada for this initiative. He is a role model for all teenagers. His dedication and effort to the cause are unparalleled.

His contribution will go towards sponsoring children with autism who cannot afford therapy.

Dalia Soliman, President of the EAS.

Allam Group is so proud of this sponsorship, as we always strive to work for philanthropic causes since this reflects our values.

Nevertheless, sports and fitness related activities always get our support as we believe in their key role in maintaining our mental health and wellbeing.

Hassan Allam, CEO of Allam Group

The goal is to successfully include children with autism into our community through holistic approaches to their education and therapeutic interventions; together with focused efforts to create social awareness about autism.

It is also important that families feel supported and encouraged as they navigate their child’s developmental challenges.

With all difficulties families continue to face due to the pandemic our support and efforts as athletes and community members are more important than ever.

Hussein Nada, the founder of ACE FOR GOOD

With a total collection of almost 83,000 USD for the 2021 charity cause, Hussein’s plan is to roll out ACE for GOOD on a regular basis. He is also hoping to implement it in other countries with the support of various tennis communities.

We salute Hussein for his initiative and efforts, which made us so excited to take this sponsorship opportunity and support him in achieving this great cause.

He showed us that age is never a barrier to doing good; we can all do something good for the community as long as we believe in the cause and in our abilities

Ahmed El Tawil, President of Triangle Group

We’re so excited and we totally support this initiative in Egypt

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Written by Omar Bakry

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