Truecaller Enterprise: Business to verify their identities for consumer safety

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Truecaller Enterprise

Truecaller, the world’s most trusted telephone search engine and caller ID service, has introduced brand identity solutions as its premier Enterprise offering.

The offering allows businesses to verify their identity which increases consumer safety by preventing fraud and scam calls. Businesses can drive efficiency in their communications while improving call-pickup rates for genuine and important calls.

Truecaller Enterprise

With frauds & scams using spoofed identities on the rise across the world, there is a dire need to bring in more trust in communications. Apart from the green Caller ID and green Verified Business badge, a verified business on Truecaller gets a verified tick mark icon and can lock their brand name and profile photo.

This lets consumers know exactly which calls to trust. Importantly, consumers will continue to see the number of spam markings as usual and they retain the right to mark verified numbers as spam or block them completely. To reiterate, our spam algorithms continue to work in the same way and the Truecaller global community of over 270 million active users will be able to mark calls that are potentially spam/scam/sales calls, even if they have a verified badge and Caller ID.

Truecaller Enterprise Highlights:

  • Truecaller will help businesses in bringing more trust & efficiency in their communication with the users
  • Green Caller ID, green verified badge, accurate name & logo and the verified tick mark has been proven to deliver significantly better call-pick-up rates in beta trials
  • This feature will be available by default to over 270 million Truecaller users globally – on both Android as well as iOS devices
Truecaller Enterprise

Apart from adding trust and reducing the possibility of fraud, a Verified Business badge can be a big boon for startups and businesses who are brand conscious and want to accurately present the name of their entity, logo and make them tamper proof.

Over 150 businesses signed up for the program during the early access phase and have found the service to provide significant improvement in the efficiency of the calls they make to their users. Truecaller is ready to scale the offering to a significant number of businesses globally ensuring that the ever growing community of users can trust more calls coming from these businesses making communication safer for everyone.

When asked about the long term plans of Truecaller on the enterprise front, Sony Joy, VP & Head of Truecaller Enterprise said,

“Truecaller Enterprise has been set up with the strong intent of building solutions for businesses that will not just improve the efficiency of their communication but also provide significant value and safety to consumers in their day-to-day lives. Our robust verification process helps consumers identify calls that can be 100% trusted to be initiated by a particular business. Over a period of time, this can result in drastic reduction of frauds and scams that happen over phone calls”.

“With Truecaller Business Identity, our delivery partners have seen a 11% improvement in phone calls getting picked up by our customers during order fulfillment, thus helping optimize our process and saving time during each delivery.”

says Brijesh Bharadwaj, Director of Product at Dunzo – India’s leading delivery app (Dunzo is an early access partner for Truecaller Enterprise).

For more information or to sign up for Truecaller Enterprise Solutions, businesses can head to

About Truecaller:

People use Truecaller to stay ahead. It helps them know who’s getting in touch, by providing a search engine for telephone numbers, filtering out unwanted calls and SMS, and focusing on what really matters. The company provides a suite of additional services such as a dialer that offers caller ID, spam detection, messaging and more. Truecaller’s mission is to build trust everywhere by making communication safe and efficient. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company was founded in 2009 by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. Investors include Sequoia Capital, Atomico and Kleiner Perkins.

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