The Stairway to Healthy Hair: Your Guide on your Natural Hair Game!

We don’t go Natural; we return to where it began!

natural hair
natural hair

I remember when I was young, I loved how my hair was natural and had a wavy look. I didn’t feel pressured to straighten my hair during important occasions to look proper.

As I started getting older, I felt the pressure of going with the flow and straightening my hair to fit in.

Now I dare to break the norm and go out with my natural hair without any pressure of being judged. Not just me, but most people now are embracing their natural hair.

For some motivation, here are some celebrities that encourage the natural hair movement.

We’ve always seen international stars like Lupita Amondi, Viola Davis, Alicia Keys, Zendaya, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Bonet embrace their natural curls. Recently, we’ve also seen Arab and Egyptian celebrities that go out with their natural hair like Dina el Sherbiney, Jamila Awad, Hind Sabry, Ghada Adel, Menna Shalaby, Ola Roshdy, Myriam Fares, and Nelly Karim.

Those beautiful celebrities are embracing their natural hair and are not ashamed of going public with it.

“We don’t go Natural; we return to where it began.”

The Natural Hair Movement encourages women, and men, to go back to their natural hair and quit using heat and chemicals that damage their hair.

You heard it right. Heat and chemicals do considerable damage to the hair.

What are these chemicals?

Shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates, silicones, dyes, Keratin, and Protein treatments. These are all the worst types of chemicals that cause damage to the hair. Everything done in hair salons damages the hair.

What do these damages do to the hair?

These damages make the hair always frizzy, brittle, easily breaks, dry, and uncontrollable.

So how to fix these damages?

Here are some tips to fix the damage in your hair and go back to your natural hair

First: Stop using heat on your hair.

Use a microfiber or cotton towel when you’re out of the shower. Make sure to pat your hair to dry to make sure your curls aren’t compromised. You can later let it air dry, or use a dryer with a cool air option and a diffuser if you’re in a hurry. But we still recommend air drying your hair for the best results.

There are lots of local brands that sell microfiber towels, along with other natural hair products and they’re affordable. You can find them at The Curly Cave, The Hair Addict, and Pineapple curls.

Second: Pick hair products that lack harsh chemicals like silicons and sulfates; read the ingredients before you buy any product to see if they contain any of those chemicals. There are lots of local products that lack those chemicals; like E-keratin, Bubbles, and Lovea, they are affordable and you can buy them from hypermarkets or pharmacies.

Third: Cut off the damaged hair to make the treatment more manageable and to have quick and better results! Several salons now offer services just for natural hair. Some of the ones we can recommend are G curls, Curly Studio, and Toi Beauty Salons.

Fourth: Know your hair and what it needs! Try many products and test them so you’d know exactly what your hair needs.

Fifth: Embrace your hair in its bad days and never feel ashamed of it. On its bad days, you can style it in a pineapple.

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2019 was such a great year for me. I experienced many things like appearing on TV for the first time,making new friends, and starting my senior year in highschool and currently have amazing grades. Also managed to hit many milestones on all my social media platforms(Instagram,Facebook,youtube) I'm really blessed to be able to do all that at 17 so thank you so much guys for making this year an amazing year. What was your favorite thing in 2019? سنه ٢٠١٩ كانت سنه جميله جدا بالنسبه الي. اتعلمت و جربت حجات كثيره زي مثلا طلعت علي التيليفيزيون لاول مره علي DMC و اتعرفت علي ناس جديده و بدأت آخر سنه في المدرسه و درجاتي حلوه الحمد لله. و ده غير علي كل السوشيال ميدا (انستجرام و فيسبوك و يوتيوب)حققت حجات كثيره بمساعدتكم ? شكرا علي السنه الجميله. ايه أكثر حاجه حبتوها في ٢٠١٩؟ . . . . . . . . #curly #curls #natural #naturalhair #healthyhair #curlynaturalhair #curlyhairdontcare #Blogger #naturalhairstyles #curlygirlmethod #naturallycurly #curlyperfectly #explore #curlyblogger #viral #amazingnaturalhair #igcurls #curlspirations #protectivestyles #curlyhairstyles #curlygirlmethod #curlsaunaturel #curlcrush #عناية_بالشعر #ريفيو #بلوجر #بنات_مصر #بلوجرز_مصريات #تجربه #بلوجرز

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Braiding is also an option, with million ways to get them done.

Sixth: Deep conditioning is your best friend! Deep condition your hair once in a week to get healthy and fluffy hair. You can use E-keratin hair mask or Lovea deep conditioner; the best in town!

Seventh: Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase or put a satin bonnet overnight to avoid frizziness. You can have them through the places I mentioned above.

Eighth: Wash your hair once or twice maximum a week.

There are several curly bloggers to follow that will help you much in your Natural Journey. These are our top picks though.


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TRANSFORMATION All I needed was to listen to my hair and not try to change its nature. When did you go natural? كل الي كنت محتاجه اني اعمله اني اعمل الي شعري محتاجه و اتقبل طبيعته. امتي بدأتوا تسيبوا شعركم بطبيعته؟ . . . . . . . . . . #curly #curls #natural #naturalhair #healthyhair #curlynaturalhair #curlyhairdontcare #Blogger #naturalhairstyles #curlygirlmethod #naturallycurly #curlyperfectly #explore #curlyblogger #viral #amazingnaturalhair #igcurls #curlspirations #protectivestyles #curlyhairstyles #curlygirlmethod #curlsaunaturel #curlcrush #عناية_بالشعر #ريفيو #بلوجر #بنات_مصر #بلوجرز_مصريات #تجربه #بلوجرز

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Now let's talk about this 6 month hair growth ladies.What do you think? I'm as amazed as you are to be honest. Now you all know what i did for the first three months to stimulate hair growth (if you dont, then make sure you check out my hair growth challenge in my highlights for all details). But what did I do from January to march? Well here is what I did for these results: ✅ Drank 4 liters of WATER a day. This is such a simple step and yet I can tell you it's the step with the most impact (also on your skin & overall health of course) ✅ Used Aloe vera gel religiously. I used it in 2 ways- 1) I added it to any shampoo I used. It's an amazing natural cleanser that clears away buildup, oils or dandruff. 2) Did scalp massages with it twice a week, left it in for an hour then showered. ✅ I used the Gro Brush by @thehairaddictofficial everytime I shampooed to clarify and remove any build up. The first step to hairgrowth is a clean scalp. I shampoo once a week. ✅ I did a weekly ACV rinse- on the day I only condition, I finish off my shower with an acv rinse then cool water to rinse it off. ✅ As usual I deep conditioned once a week. ✅ Did a rice water rinse once a month. SO what do I plan to do differently the next 6 months to achieve the growth I want? I'm only going to add one thing to my routine ?? and that's the hair growth recipe suggested by @youssraelgamal of using mustard seed oil, avocado oil & patchuli oil as a scalp massage. She guarantees results ? For details check out her page. Now will you join me these coming months? I know that these seem like a lot of steps (but come on look at my results!). Still I know some people dont have the time for all of them, so tell me ?? will you follow the whole routine with me or which step will you commit to the most to reach your goal? #curlytalks #naturalhair #naturalhaircommunity #healthyhair #hairgrowth #hairgrowthchallenge #before #after #aloevera #shorthair #curlyhair #curls #healhtycurls #curlytalksgrowth

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‏English in the first comment نصايح عامة خلاصة التجربة الي مريت بيها من شعر مفرود و مهري عمايل لشعر كيرلي طبيعي: – هل في أمل لو شعري بايظ من الحرارة او الصبغة او مفرود كيماويا؟ الإجابة آه و الدليل الصور دي -طيب ايه الروتين؟ مش منتجات الروتين هو الاهتمام بالشعر عن طريق: ✔️ التخلص بشكل مستمر من الاطراف المقصفة، الاجزاء البايظة من الحرارة او الصبغة او الفرد الكيماوي عن طريق قص الاطراف بشكل مستمر ✔️المحافظة على فروة سليمة و صحية و ده من خلال تجنب المنتجات على الفروة، تجنب المواد الضارة ، تجنب تراكمات المنتجات على الشعر، المحافظة على نظافة الفروة ✔️ حمامات كريم على الأقل مره في الأسبوع ✔️معرفة و فهم طبيعة شعري كويس اوي ازاي؟ التجربة ثم التجربة ثم التجربة ( و عشان كده دايما بنصح الناس في الاول متشتريش منتجات غالية لحد ما تفهم طبيعة شعرها عشان لو منتج مش مناسب متتحسرش على المبلغ الدفعته و يكون متوفر ) بعد ما تعرفي طبيعة شعرك؛ بيحب الزيوت ولا لا، بيحب المنتجات الخفيفة و لا التقيلة، بيحب الجل ولا الكريمات ولا الموس و لا كلهم مناسبين، المنتجات على شعر مبلول احسنلك ولا و هو ناشف ……. إلخ ساعتها اختيار المنتج المناسب ليكي هيكون اسهل حاجة و ساعتها هتعملي لنفسك روتينيك الخاص المناسب لشعرك انت ✔️الصبر – اول لما بدأت اديت لنفسي هدف ٦ شهور و فعلا بعد ٦ شهور حسيت ان شعري بيتحسن حتى لو بالنسبالي دلوقت ولا حاجة بس كان بالنسبة لنقطة البداية انجاز و بعد ال٦ شهور مديت ٦ شهور تانين و هكذا لان التجربة اثبتت ان الصبر و الاستمرارية هم سر الوصول للهدف ✔️الاستمرارية: مينفعش ابتدي شهرين و أوقف ٤ و أقول هو ليه مفيش نتيجة ✔️ابدأي حتى لو مش عارفة هتعملي ايه- سؤال: في كام بلوجر بتتكلم عن الشعر؟ في كام منتج متوفر للشعر الكيرلي ؟! حدث ولا حرج … ابذلي مجهود و شوفي كام منتج متوفرين و جربي و حاولي مع الممارسة و الاستمرارية هتظبط و هتتعلمي … مفيش حد بيتعلم بالمشاهدة لازم تجربة و ممارسة … لوفضلتي تسألي كتييييير بدون محاولات كتيييييييييييير عمرك ما هتعرفي و هترقهي نفسك و الحواليكي -حقائق: ✔️المنتج السحري البيعالج الهيشان نهائيًا و بيتقل الشعر و بيعالجه و بيطرية و يطوله للأسف مش موجود ? احتياجات الشعر بتختلف حسب طبيعة الشعر و الجو و المية فلازم اكون مرنة وافهم احتياجاتي ( بالتجربة و الملاحظة برده) ✔️المنتج السحري الهيخلي شعرك المفرود ، المش عايز يعمل كيرلي بسهولة يتحول فجاة الي كيرلي للأسف برده مش موجود ? #transitioninghair #transitioningtips #curlygirls #curlyhairjourney

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Make your hair healthier now; it’s never too late to get back your natural hair!

What do you think?

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