Men’s Fashion in El-Gouna Film Festival: Putting an End to Toxic Masculinity in Egypt

Honey, Does your toxic masculinity keep you from slaying this red carpet?

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Feminism has been tackling some hard issues since its dawn. Not only trying to set women free from the ties of patriarchy but also trying to set men free from the weight of toxic masculinity. 

How many Red Carpets have we seen where women were glowing in the finest fashion, while men come in plain black tuxedos with ties?

The poor and soulless men’s fashion is a direct consequence of toxic masculinity in Egypt!

See, most of the fashion patterns and touches that give an outfit a soul come from the different shapes of delicate fabrics and other materials that we add to the outfit; like sequin, jewellery and Swarovski.

Since the “society” considers these patterns, touches and additions, arbitrarily, “feminine”, men tend to stick with the plain black tuxedo.

Men are afraid to be feminised, which in the eyes of toxic masculinity is belittling their manhood and taking off their entity as “the superior sex”. One sentence cannot contain more toxicity, ain’t?

What does that have to do with the men’s fashion choices in El-Gouna Film Festival?

Well, some of the male celebrities looks were so out of the “plain black tuxedo” box, fashionable and had more to give than just a jacket and a tie.

Nicolas Mouawad killing the Red Carpet with a fabulous look.


This gorgeous white jacket is on point.

The classic cut is so chic, and the modern touch is obvious yet flattering and straightforward.

The little addition on the collar and up the right sleeve is giving the classic cut a frilled looking that it doesn’t look bare.

Nicholas’ charming smile is the last piece to the perfect outfit.

Bravo Nicholas, you are perfection.

Islam Ibrahim in a sassy look and a sassy attitude.


Islam showed up wearing a unique suit.

The jacket looks, and velvet is an exciting choice. However, it’s too hot for velvet.

The unique frilled, golden collar and the golden buttons and edges looked an excellent outcome.

This unique look came with the always sassy and funny attitude of Islam.

Overall, we love the effort.

Chapeau Islam, you are such a sweetheart!

The always charming Khalid El-Nabawi in a modern-knight-like suit.


Although it might give a usual-tuxedo-vibes yet this suit has so many edges.

The velvet fabric looks chic, delicate, and so soft.

Again it’s too hot for velvet, but it looks so good.

The big-ass collar is so on point, and the bow is somehow… The chicest.

Yaaas fluffy daddy, good job!

Ahmed Malik, the man of the hour.


Malik has his Australian film featured in the festival tonight, and we are so proud of our babe.

The look came so classically.

The striped suit, the classic cut, the striped tie with the shoes.

It’s a very classy and bold look, and we are in love with it!

Hassan Abou El-Rous looked so himself in this hyped suit.

Men's Fashion in El-Gouna Film Festival: Putting an End to Toxic Masculinity in Egypt

What can we say about Hassan?

It’s just him with the hyped attitude and the sparkly look.

Hats up for this brave, sassy look with the pharaonic prints.

Hassan does what he wants and wear what he likes, and we have no choice but loving it.

Zidan and Asser Yassin, on a side note, are wearing identical suits to an extent.

Men's Fashion in El-Gouna Film Festival: Putting an End to Toxic Masculinity in Egypt

The two celebrities showed with their gorgeous wives who were wearing of the finest dresses on the festival while they-Zidane and Asser-apparently are wearing more or less identical suits.

Asser’s suit is designed by Nour Ibrahim while Zidane’s is bought from a retail store.

They wore the same cut, fabric and floral print. Maybe it’s a trend that we don’t know anything about?

We might flatter the floral print though. It was cute!

We love how the guys exerted a lot of efforts to look that polished and stand out.
Yet we can see some guys walking the Red Carpet with open chemises and Nop, we admire your efforts but not that much, we don’t strut on the Red Carpet looking that casual.

What do you think?


Written by Ahmed Dahabi


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