From Mixtapes to Playlists: Music is Forever Our Love Language


A red heart emoji and a green heart emoji have very different meanings in today’s digital world! And Gen-Zs, who use technology and social media for self-expression and love confessions, know what we are talking about here. So with that, we’re glad that Spotify has made it easier for us to say, “I’m into you” through music.

From the days when our parents made mixtapes to woo each other, music has always been a love language. While mixtapes and curated playlists require a lot of time and knowledge of the other person’s everchanging taste in music, Spotify’s Blend playlist makes it possible for you to seamlessly blend your musical taste with your love interest this Valentine’s Day. It literally takes seconds.

With the Blend personalized experience, you can merge musical tastes into one playlist just for the two of you. Having a Blend playlist with your special one will make it easier to connect, discover and bond over music. Imagine this: you will no longer have to argue over who plays which song during that candlelight dinner of yours.

To create a Blend playlist, search for “Blend” on Spotify, tap “Create a Blend,” and invite your Valentine to the playlist. Spotify will automatically generate a custom cover art and a new playlist that combines your listening preferences and tastes once they accept the invite. So what are you waiting for? Go get your flirt on and send that crush of yours a link to your Blend playlist.

No one to blend with today? Don’t fret; Spotify has you covered with its very own “قلبي دق” playlist to make you feel the love. The romantic playlist features “Hobbo Gannah” by Sherine, “Oddam El Nas” by Mohamed Hamaki, Adham Seliman‘s “Enty” and “Bel Bont El 3areedh” by Hussain Aljassmi and more.

Happy V/Blending! 

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Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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