In Celebration of Valentine’s day – How have Celebrities Expressed Their Love this Year on Twitter?

valentine's day
In Celebration of Valentine’s day - How have Celebrities Expressed Their Love this Year on Twitter?

Firstly let’s start with some of the most used love-related emojis on Twitter in Egypt this past year:

  1. 🌹
  2. 💔
  3. 😍
  4. 💙
  5. 🖤
  6. 🤍
  7. 💖
  8. 💜
  9. 🥰
  10. 💕

One of the things that make the Egyptian entertainment industry unique is the support and love celebrities and athletes show one another on and off social media.

This year, Twitter is choosing to celebrate Valentine’s Day by showcasing some of the Tweets that celebrities have liked and shared to see all the ways love has been expressed on the platform.

1- Ahmed Fahmy liked Akram Hosny’s video of himself dancing to his song “Law Kont” with actress Ayten Amer, saying that even social distancing won’t stop the fun.

2- Actress Hend Sabry was amongst the 18,000 people who liked Mohamed Henedy’s Tweet at the Joy Awards.

3- Egyptian actor Ahmed El Saadany showed footballer Mohamed Hany some love by liking the football star’s picture after the Ahly match against Monterrey in the World Cup along with 23,000 other people.

4- Egyptian Actress Sherihan went out of her way to express love on the platform by Tweeting an appreciation post for Actress Donia Samir Ghanem for her outstanding performance at the “Able to Differ” celebration for people with special abilities.

5- Giving a shout out to fans, actor Ahmed Helmy liked a fan drawing of Mohamed Salah and expressed his admiration of it by Retweeting the post and commenting, “If Mo Salah doesn’t take it, then I will.”

6- One of the best displays of love is that of a supporting husband. TV personality Ramy Radwan showed support for his wife and her sister at the recent Joy Awards by sharing picture of the two and wishing them both a happy life full of laughs.

7- Celebrity Actress Yasmin Sabry Tweeted a photo of the cake and flowers she received from her husband on their anniversary.

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