Looking for a Post-Iftar Laugh? “Baba Geh” Delivers

baba geh

Think Ramadan dramas are all serious and emotional? Think again! “Baba Geh” is a refreshing change of pace, mixing heartwarming family moments with just the right amount of quirky humor. Akram Hosny, who usually has us in stitches, takes on a more layered role as Hisham, a down-on-his-luck father who finds his calling in the most unexpected way.

Inspired by the Korean novel “Dad for Rent”, Baba Geh starts with a bang!

Hisham, initially portrayed as a lazy and unemployed father, finds his life turned upside down when his daughter deems him useless and gives him out to a classmate in need.

Things get even more interesting when Hisham meets Ziyad, a sweet kid in need of a father figure took Hisham to be his dad.

Hisham and his friend Yasir soon transform this unusual opportunity into a full-fledged “father-for-hire” project. Complications and unexpected twists arise, leaving Hisham to navigate tricky situations with both humor and heart.

Hisham’s journey includes some hilarious mishaps and surprisingly touching moments as he figures out how to be a decent “dad” while juggling his own chaotic life. The show tackles themes that resonate with viewers, particularly those who might have some “daddy issues”.

Scenes like the daughter’s public outburst highlight the pain of feeling unsupported, adding an emotional layer to the otherwise lighthearted story.

Akram Hosny surprised us with his range – he can make us laugh and tug at our heartstrings all at once. Hosny delivers a surprisingly nuanced performance, showcasing a depth of acting ability that will pleasantly surprise viewers accustomed to his typically comedic roles.

The rest of the cast is just as fun. Nesreen Amin dials down her usual over-the-top energy for a more grounded performance, and we’re here for it! But the real scene-stealer is little Lavenia Nader – she’s got serious acting chops.

Overall, “Baba Geh” is a delightful surprise. It’s the perfect mix of lighthearted comedy and genuine emotion. A great choice for when we want to unwind after iftar and enjoy a show that’s both funny and surprisingly relatable. You can watch the series on Watch it!

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Written by Raghda El-Sayed

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