How I Dedicated the Quarantine to Loving Myself

How I Dedicated the Quarantine to Loving Myself
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Like most, I lived a busy life in the B.C. days – aka Before Corona. I was too busy to fix anything wrong with my life. I did not make time for “self-care.”

I used to go out almost every day after work.

Partying was a sacred weekend activity.

Social events took place every other week; varying between birthdays and weddings.

But then, COVID-19 hit us harder than that dreaded February storm (remember that storm?).

We ended up working from home, our physical hangouts became virtual, and all the time we spent commuting between locations transformed into long hours of tv binge-watching.

The binge-watching, however, became an escape that I was no longer comfortable with it.

So, I took this as an opportunity to reconnect with myself. And just like you’d expect, the results were super rewarding!

As soon as you start reconnecting with who you are, and venture into this self-discovery, you realize that you’ve adopted many toxic habits through the years. With the busy day-to-day life, you barely have the chance to sit down and think of who exactly you’ve become, and what habits are consuming you without any positive results.

I used the lockdown to get rid of all the things that took from me who I want to be.

I no longer make excuses for toxic people.

No matter how much I loved the existence of certain people around me, I stopped excusing their toxic behaviour. Self-love is more valuable. I appreciate myself more than how I felt in their presence. I quit enabling them.

Now is the time to reach my life goals

Procrastination is the mother of failure. Time might run out before I get to work on my aspirations. People are dying rather abruptly, and I could be next.

There is no better time than now to make strides in my life. Focus on what matters and achieve my potential.

My anxiety is not going to get the best of me!

I made a pact with myself; as long as occurring events are out of my control, I shouldn’t spiral and worry. Once I cause the commotion, then it’s time to do the headless chicken dance. This sounds easy in theory, but it takes practice to maintain that in real life.

I am embracing my body.

Gaining and losing weight has been the cornerstone of my life. I used to feel bad about not fitting in my clothes, thinking of how I let myself down by letting go.

I always got picked on for not having facial or body hair, and it used to make me feel less of a man. Now, all of this does NOT bother me anymore.

The journey of self-love and development is an ongoing process. We need to make sure that we take our time and space to allow room for growth.

Have you also realized things about yourself during quarantine? Share with us in the comments below

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