How the Hustle Culture is Toxic and Killing Us

Hustle Culture: The Concept That Is Stealthily Ruining Our Lives

How the Hustle Culture is Toxic and Killing Us

Let’s start with the obvious question: What’s hustle culture?

I’m glad you asked.

You have heard the word ‘hustle’ in movies or TV shows before.

It means, literally, to push roughly or to force. Sadly, this is more than just a definition; this is an entire concept that more than half of the world’s humans have.

Hustle culture means devoting a large amount of your time to your work.

While you make your boss happy, get celebrated, get close to that promotion, and become a “big-shot” in your family, you are, without a doubt, ruining your life.

How the Hustle Culture is Toxic and Killing Us

Work hard and tirelessly for your dreams NO MATTER WHAT, right? WRONG!

While I’m with you that working hard and giving something your absolute best is something we should all do, you can’t let it come first. Your mental health is worth MUCH more.

I mean, congratulations, you are juggling a million things at once and thinking “I’m awesome! I can handle anything, and I get all this work done in no time!”.

That’s wrong, my friend.

You can’t handle anything.

You ain’t Superman; even that dude can’t handle kryptonite!

Getting things done at the expense of your mental health is how you slowly kill yourself. Without noticing, your life becomes merely about your work. You stop spending time with your friends, family or loved one.

You have to take care of yourself and put that first. Everything else CAN wait. Think about it: is getting on board with the hustle culture worth you being stressed 24/7 and possibly developing anxiety, then going into depression? Nope!

Hustle culture is how everything is done these days efficiently, right? ALSO WORNG!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

You work on and on and on.

You don’t get enough hours of sleep.

You don’t eat.

Your brain and body are slowly disintegrating.

Your muscles are starting to atrophy from your 10 hours posture at your desk or workspace.

Now, please tell me, how are you supposed to give something your best and accomplish it ultimately when you’re half-human and a half-zombie?

How the Hustle Culture is Toxic and Killing Us

Here is the answer: YOU WON’T!

You need your strength and full focus to be able to finish a specific task efficiently. Whoever said “hustle culture is improving productivity”, could you BE more wrong?

Put an end to hustle culture, because..well the name itself should be enough reason to show that hustle culture IS toxic!

Your mental health is more important. Your well-being is more important. You have to balance between both your work and personal life. Don’t take more workload if you feel stressed, out of it, off, or overwhelmed. It’s not impressive, and you are not invincible.

We’re humans. We have limits. Don’t pass yours and devote time for YOURSELF. Because, believe it or not, you are just as important as your work, if not even more.

What do you think?


Written by Hannah Ahmed

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