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Cairo Eye Stolen? Probably. But What Will Happen About That?

Cairo Eye Project is taking Egypt to a whole new level of modernity; however, it’s rumored to be stolen!

Cairo Eye Stolen?

A couple of days ago, a massive project for Egypt was launched, and it’s Cairo Eye.

Cairo Eye is set to be Egypt’s, and Africa’s highest observation wheel in Cairo’s heart standing tall at 120 meters and located in Zamalek.

Cairo Eye

It is set to be built by 2022.

It resemblances the landmarks London Eye, Ain Dubai and the Singapore Flyer, so it’s gonna be Cairo’s landmark as well, and it’s a massive step for Modern Egypt.

Many got excited about the project like this. Seeing Egypt taking those steps to modernity is really great; also, a project like this would bring more tourism into our country.

However, we, at, decided not to cover the project.

Why? Because there was, and still is, a massive debate about the Cairo Eye project’s originality.

You see, as soon as the project was announced, Ibrahim El Sanan claimed that this project is his.

Days after, many came into his defence to confirm that it’s genuinely his idea, and it got stolen.

Now Ibrahim El Sanan is bringing in the receipts.

The History of Ibrahim El Sanan’s claims and the original Cairo Eye Project!

It all started from this Facebook post of his sister calling for her brother’s copyrights for the project.


القصه بختصار ان اخويا قدم المشروع متكامل للجهات المختصه و النتيجة كانت ان الملف راح لحد ينفذه بالمشروع و الدراسه اللي…

Posted by Marwa Ali Ibrahim on Saturday, 9 January 2021

And in the photo, she attached in the post it appears that Ibrahim is overlooking the place where he wants his project to be set in. Next, to it, there is a picture of the project itself.



مش مجرد فكره مشروع لكن هي كانت رؤيه تطوير لمنطقه مميزه جدا في نهر النيل يتعمل…

Posted by Ibrahim El-Sanan on Monday, 11 January 2021

Ibrahim later wrote about the alleged stolen project wit pictures of him in the 2030 Egypt forum.

And then just yesterday Ibrahim posted a video explaining all the project details, assuring that this project is his and it got stolen from him.

In this video, he says that he prepared for this project from 3 years ago. He shows all the details of the project from the plan, location, and even when it’ll end.

He also added that he participated in the World Youth Forum.

He presented his project to many Businessmen, many Governmental Entities in Egypt, and even The Ministry of Tourism.

He said that all the people that he presented the project to supported and cheered him to do this project.

Then he got surprised that the project will actually be done but not his, it’s a minimising from what he presented.

However, it’s taken with the same name and characteristics.

People started to stand with Ibrahim and support him to get his rights.

They also made a hashtag for support which is #Support_IbrahimElsanan.

We don’t know whether the idea is really stolen or not.

Even with Ibrahim’s proof, it will remain a hearsay issue.

Assuming that it is stolen, is there anything we can do about it? Will investors lose millions just to credit the creator?

We know social media has been making a lot of change recently; with issues like Ahmed Bassem Zaki and the Fairmount Incident.

Rape and harassment allegations are now taken more seriously, and become credible, through social media.

Will this too happen with copyrights?

We don’t know, but what we do know is that the Cairo Eye theft claims will be a serious blueprint for similar cases to follow.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think?


Written by Reem Tarek

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