Alexandria Prepares for Unstable Weather Conditions Due to ‘Storm Daniel’

Alexandria Prepares for Unstable Weather Conditions Due to 'Storm Daniel'

The Governor of Alexandria, Major General Mohamed El-Sherif, has recently announced heightened preparedness across all districts of the province. This decision comes in response to the anticipated adverse weather conditions, as warned by the Meteorological Authority and weather maps received from the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation due to ‘Storm Daniel‘.

The Alexandria Sanitation Company has intensified its efforts to clean drains and culverts, elevating its state of readiness due to the Meteorological Authority’s forecasts.

The Alexandria Governorate has also urged its citizens to exercise caution and adhere to the following safety guidelines:

  • Exercise caution while driving during rainfall.
  • Limit vehicular movement to allow rainwater removal vehicles to operate efficiently.
  • Avoid driving at speeds exceeding 60 km/h and maintain a greater-than-usual safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Refrain from standing under old and dilapidated balconies.
  • Avoid parking vehicles over rainwater drains.
  • Do not park vehicles under trees or in areas where trees might fall.

Emergency Contact Numbers

The Alexandria Governorate has released emergency contact numbers for citizens to report any issues:

  • The Governorate’s operations room is available 24/7 for urgent complaints at hotline number 114 from landlines. Alternatively, citizens can reach out to the following mobile numbers: 4234132, 4234131, 4234133, 4234134, 4234135, 4234136, and 4234137.
  • The Sanitation Company’s hotline is 175, and the Drinking Water Company’s hotline is 125.

Current Weather Situation

Today, the residents of Alexandria expressed their concerns, metaphorically stating, “The world has darkened, the sea disappeared, and we can’t see anything.” This sentiment reflects the city’s current experience with the adverse weather conditions and the storm known as “Hurricane Daniel.” Both Alexandria and Matrouh faced this storm on Monday, accompanied by unstable weather conditions and reduced visibility.

There are emergency measures in place in Alexandria to combat the effects of Hurricane Daniel. Forecasts predict rainfall in the coastal city in the coming hours. Emphasis has been placed on real-time monitoring within the crisis and emergency room, tracking any urgent situations for immediate response. This proactive approach aims to prevent any issues arising from the rainfall and ensure smooth traffic flow throughout Alexandria’s streets.

The Alexandria Sanitation Company reiterated its commitment to intensifying drain and culvert cleaning operations, raising its preparedness level in light of the Meteorological Authority’s predictions.

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