How To Use Negative Emotions To Your Advantage!

Here’s few things to do to use negative emotions to your advantage to boost your mental health!

How To Use Negative Emotions To Your Advantage!

Aren’t we all exposed to different types of negative emotions everyday?

Don’t we all want to get rid of those negative emotions so that we could have better mental health?

First, we need to acknowledge those negative emotions.

Sadness, anger, fear, self-criticism, loneliness, jealousy, fear, insecurities and rejections.

Those are the negative emotions that one experience; they don’t just come from other people, they could come from your own self!

With acknowledging them, how they come to us?

First, from ourselves!

Don’t you torture yourself and overthink every night until you fall asleep overwhelmed by those negative emotions? Or are you a normal person?

Those acts really are the main reason for your negative emotions!

They come from you first then from everyone around you.

We all have been in a similar situations where we have a toxic partner or friend that brings to us those feelings and emotions and we just can’t get rid of.

The worst thing is that emotions don’t just happen randomly or for no reason and that the worst thing to swallow!

It always feels like they pop into our minds all of a sudden, which is not, they are representation of something you’re not addressing or don’t want to face.

Reality shocks, right? You feel exposed now I know!

However, after acknowledging them and know from where they come, how to use negative emotions to your advantage?

Start by embracing what the negative emotions are telling you!

How to use negative emotions to your advantage!

When a negative emotion strikes, ask what it wants and be grateful for what it tells you!

Think of it in that ways, how do you we fear spiders for instance? You need to see one to know, right?

That’s it you need to experience those emotions, you need to know what those emotions are telling you.

Remember negative emotions aren’t present to destroy your life, instead they are here to guide you!

Take it easy on your self!

How to use negative emotions to your advantage!

Hey dude, stop self-flagellation you’re gonna kill yourself!

Have compassion to yourself which means understand your own self, organise your thoughts and try to understand them.

I’m not saying you should stop overthinking, let’s face it no one can do that, just try to get to a common ground with your thoughts without self-flagellation.

Be responsible on how you feel!

How to use negative emotions to your advantage!

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t feel this way or you’re too overwhelmed or you’re emotionless.

Let your own self feel the way it should feel!

Stop feeling insecure from your emotions and feelings; burst them out, let them all out!

You want to cry just right now for no reason ? Do it, you want to just be silent and alone? Do it as well, no one has control over your emotions.

It’s you only you can control your them! Own your emotions, use them, and apperciate them!

Take a difficult moment or situation as an opportunity!

How to use negative emotions to your advantage!

Let’s face it, life isn’t always sunshine, pink and full of butterflies! Some days we get gloomy weather and greyish sky!

So what we do when life just happens? We get on our feet and take advantage of the tiniest things in life.

Whine, cry, and even scream when you face a hard situation let your sadness take its place, then wipe your tears and get on you feet and do the work!

It’s not always greener on the other side!

How to use negative emotions to your advantage!

It’s not always greener on the other side buddy, believe me it’s not!

Delete that negative thought from your mind, everyone has his own breakdowns and problems and somedays it’s their time to shine!

Your time will come too, stop feeling like the whole world is trying to bring you down, because it’s not!

Life is shitty to all of us, we just do what we should do and wait for our time to shine and seize the moment!

Get out of your bubble!

How to use negative emotions to your advantage!

Get rid of this negative trait where you just enclose on yourself and let the negative emotions and thoughts get and consume you!

Let it all out, try to find someone you really trust and let that all out at him! Don’t close on yourself because this will bring you down real quick!

Most importantly get rid of the negative and toxic people around you!

How to use negative emotions to your advantage!

Don’t ask yourself everyday why I’m full of negative emotions and thought while you know the answer!

Toxic and negative people are one of the reasons, if not the main, for your misery and negative thoughts!

They feed you negativity and toxicity and leave you just like that with them!

Don’t be afraid and stand for yourself and lose them, lose those shitty people around you for your mental health sake!

Transform undesirable energy into good vibes!

Change sadness into creativity, change envy into motivation, change fear into stepping stone!

Don’t sit there with those bunch of negative and undesirable emotions, take the best out of them! That’s how you do it for your advantage.

Try to look to the half full glass for real though!

We’re here to help each others, we are just as screwed up as you’re don’t worry we’re not doing influencing things here!

What do you think?


Written by Reem Tarek

Living my life trying to get out of the bottleneck

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لو فاكر كل أغاني سبيستون أدخل كمل معانا الأغاني دي وشوف أنت فاكر قد ايه

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