Young Love


Young Love. 

Two words that bring up so many memories. It’s the first love you’ve ever had, for what you’ve known love to be. I actually disagree with people who say “it’s not love when you’re young. It’s just attraction.” Because it is love.

In some way.

In some form.

It is love. It’s the purest kind, too. We were too young to know about the games and the rules. We were simply just feeling. We were feeling this new rush that made us feel the most alive and we didn’t even know what it was. All we knew is that we were happy.

Reminisce about your young love. Remember how it used to make you feel. How it made you lie to your parents.

How it made you try things you never thought you’d have the courage to.

How it made you break your own rules. But most of all, remember what you learned from it and how it helped you understand what love actually means.

What do you think?

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