A Look at 2021’s Star Khaby Lame: the TikTok “voilà” icon

Khaby Lame

There’s absolutely no way you’re on social media, and you haven’t seen Khab Lame at least once. Out of nowhere Khaby Lame showed up and gained huge popularity in no time. He even has more followers on his Tiktok than Tiktok themselves!

But who is Khaby Lame? Why did he gain so much popularity in no time? And why do people like him so much?

From a laborer to a multi-millionaire in a flash

 In March 2020, during the early days of the pandemic, Khaby Lame lost his job where he was working as a laborer in a northern Italian factory. As a result, he went back to stay with his family. 

 When he returned, his father forced him to apply for other jobs. Meanwhile, he began making Tiktoks until Khaby’s wealth reached 2 million dollars, as he is being followed by 89 million followers, which makes his account the second most popular in July 2021.  

 ‘Simplicity is creativity’ is Khaby’s motto

 ‘Khaby’ utilized the most absurdly complicated hack videos as a vibrant material for his Tiktoks. However, he responded to these ridiculous videos adopting such a straightforward attitude and giving in-verbal reactions, just doing the same task in a super direct way. You can even feel him saying from inside As Simple As that. 

Silence is Khaby’s way to fame

People are not familiar with Khaby’s name as much as they are familiar with his muted reactions. His vice does nothing with his publicity. Instead, it is all about his effortless facial expressions.

Hence, You cannot help but burst out laughing when he stares at the camera with a peculiar look or sarcastically providing a practical solution for a problem like what he did in this video:

 His banana peeling video is one of the highest viewing ones on his account, gaining over 267 million views. His comical signature facial expressions have made him a rocking figure on TikTok, with each of his videos assuming millions and millions of views, likes, and comments.

Khaby Lame
A Look at 2021’s Star Khaby Lame: the TikTok “voilà” icon

‘Khaby’ reaches huge success in no time.

 His content has a global reach because he is authentic. People are done with out-of-the-box trends. Everyone now is out of the box already until the box becomes empty.

 The bottom line, there is nothing shameful in adopting simplicity as a lifestyle, so do not complicate things as life is complicated already. 

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