Stories of College Professors Harassing Students on Campus!

College professors ain’t that respectful and ain’t that saints!

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Amid the incident of a student get harassed by a professor at Zagazig university on a bus heading to college.

People are blaming the victim ‘as usual’ and getting too defensive because this harasser is a teacher in a medical faculty.

So people are justifying this incident by saying he is a respected doctor and teacher at the university, he can’t do that!

Stories of College Professors Harassing Students on Campus!

Sorry to surprise y’all. The so-called respected professors are not!

Let me shock you with some so-called respected professors harassment incidents!

Incidents told by some of my friends, some happened to me, and some we heard about in the news.

  • My doctor grabbed me from my waist and put his hands on my ass while I was showing him my project to get my grade!
  • A Dean once took out his private part to a friend of mine, and he threatened her and her friend who defended her not to talk and told them that he’d never let them out of college. She spent six and a half years in university when it should have been three and a half!
  • A professor wanted to have sex with a friend of mine, and he told him that he’d give him A+ if he did so. When my friend refused, the professor threatened him that he won’t let him graduate. My friend had to stay at college for one more semester when he did nothing!
  • A teacher assistant who talked to a colleague about how big his private area is, and told her that he liked her ass and to spank it because he is sadistic. He kept bothering her with inappropriate conversation until she reported him!
  • He also used to ask another colleague to show him her panties for extra grades!
  • A friend of mine her father is a Dean, and he fired a professor because he got a petition from female students who said he harassed them. When her father fired him, all other professors filed a complaint to the ministry of higher education to have her father removed as a Dean. The only reason that they didn’t hire the harasser professor back because it was said that he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, not because he harassed over 40 girls!

Do you still remember Yassin Lashin?

Yassin Lashin was a professor in the Mass Communication faculty at Cairo University; this man is a monster.

Back in 2017, he was accused of being a harasser, and he harassed many students, threatened them with weapons, and filmed them naked to blackmail them.

He also insulted and slandered the Dean of the faculty, and he libelled another female professor on social media.

He asked for bribes from students to make them succeed and graduated!

A student recorded him once in his office and exposed his filthiness.

In this record, he appeared threatening a girl with a weapon while he was raping her.

He was forcing her to write an endorsement that she was the one who offered herself to him for money.

The girl screams while he kept raping and taking her clothes off to film her for blackmailing if she just thought to report him!

Do you still blaming the victims because those are ‘respected professors’ and impossible for them to do such things?

Those are just some stories we know from our circle, and we heard on the news.

There are more and more we don’t know about!

Stop giving justifications to rapists and harassers because of a class they belong to or for their position, because everyone should hold accountable for their actions no matter who they are.

What do you think?


Written by Reem Tarek

Living my life trying to get out of the bottleneck

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