Dry Scooping: The New Tiktok Trend Giving People Heart Attacks

Dry Scooping: The New Tiktok Trend Giving People Heart Attacks

Remember the dump “Cinnamon challenge” that happening a few years ago? If you don’t consider yourself lucky. If you do, then we regret to inform you that there’s a new challenge that’s basically the cinnamon challenge on steroids – sorta.

Meet Tiktok’s new trend; the Dry Scooping challenge.

Dry Scooping
A man who is not too smart dry scooping

Dry Scooping means that they literally dry scoop pre-workout and protein powder directly into the mouth instead of mixing it with milk or water in a smoothie.

The pre-workout powder is usually composed of amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine, creatine, and artificial sweeteners.

If you have it dry instead of diluting it, it should enhance the energizing effect, which is obviously much faster than drinking a cup of water.

However, a sudden intake of a massive amount of caffeine, which happens with dry scooping, can trigger a fast and irregular heartbeat, leading to cardiac arrest or even death. Meaning that failure to follow the dilution instructions can lead to stroke, heart attack, hepatitis, and death.

We dilute the pre-workout with liquid because it slows down absorption, which means you won put it all in your system at once.

A 20-year-old girl named Briatney Portillo had a heart attack after trying the dry scooping challenge.


Putting this out there so y’all don’t do what I did because I’m the type of person to try anything and everything I see here w/o questioning it #fypシ

♬ Be A Clown – Gita

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Briatney Portillo said that her body started to feel tingly and itchy after taking the pre-workout.

She searched on Google and found it was a common side effect and started exercising.

“I started to feel a heavy feeling and slight pain in my chest, but it wasn’t that bad. I thought it might be anxiety or an intense panic attack, so I decided to ignore it and continue my training.”

When her chest pain finally eased, she felt very nauseous and dizzy, so she decided to go home after the shower, and she started to feel I got better and began her work as a dancer.

Even though she was wearing a bikini, she started to sweat a lot, and her chest pain came back, and it was more severe this time, she said.

“My back hurts, my left arm and left arm went slightly limp, so I knew these are symptoms of a heart attack. I called 911.”

When Briatney was in the hospital, her nurse was reluctant to say that she had a heart attack because she was young. But when they started testing her, they found that his troponin levels were high, which meant he had a heart attack or a lot of stress on the heart.

She stayed at the hospital overnight, and after further examination the next day, it was determined that she had NEMI, a heart attack with more minor damage to the heart.

This means the arteries of the heart are not entirely blocked. This is different from STEMI, where the arteries are completely blocked, which needs to be opened immediately by surgery.

Those at high risk who may face problems with these substances, such as those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, and arrhythmia, should consult a doctor before use of such supplements in general, and they definitely should not try dry scooping.

In other words, everyone should make sure that their doctor understands all the substances they are using, including common over-the-counter drugs or supplements, and again, don’t try dry scooping.

It’s not only about heart attacks, however. If you inhale it accidentally and cause it to enter your lungs and sinuses, you can get infected.

Not to mention, it will mess with your teeth. Many pre-workouts contain citric acid, and applying this acid directly to the teeth will eat through the enamel and permanently damage them.

If you are still curious about pre-workout supplements and want to know if you should avoid them, you should consult a doctor, noting that most are not approved by the food and drug administration (FDA). And more importantly, please do not try the dry scooping challenge.

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