How Chris Evans Almost Broke The Internet Last Night!

A Screen recording of his Camera Roll was accidentally posted to his Instagram, and it became the best source of memes!

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The internet went crazy as Chris Evans posted, by mistake, a screen recording of his camera rolls which had…some private content. Just like you would have guessed, Chris has been trending on Twitter ever since.

People mostly reacted through memes.

This one is describing our surprise of knowing why Chris Evans was trending


With that said, people didn’t particularly care about the “private photos” that got leaked, but more about one particular “meme” that he had saved about himself.

A meme of Chris Evans with the line “Guard that pussy”

How Chris Evans Almost Broke The Internet Last Night!

And of course, this was the best source of meme material anyone can ask for.

This one is for the feeling of safe after knowing Captain America is protecting everyone

And this one is for the creep inside all of us

Just one more for we love Chris Evans so much and don’t care about the private pics. You do you, Evans, we love you

What do you think?


Written by Ahmed Dahabi


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