Watch: When Hassan Abou El Rouss and Hossam Hosney Brought Mo Salah to the 90s!

What if If Mo Salah was rose to fame in the 90s?

نجم يا ستار
نجم يا ستار

Before the was “B 100 wesh”, Hassan Abou El Rouss was known on social media for his comedic songs and sketches. He mostly rose to internet fame with his song “Kolonia 3ala El Gar7” in 2016.

Two years ago, however, Abou El Rouss made a song called “Ya Negm Ya star” for Mohamed Salah. The song was composed by everyone’s favourite 90s icon, Hossam Hosny, and had a Mo Salah lookalike show off some dribbling skills.

The song was mentioned by Nelly Kareem during their interview with Mona Al Shazly, and Abou El Rouss posted it again to his Instagram to cheer everyone up after his accident.

Hassan Abouelrouss Didn’t just Steal the Show, He Remained Positive Amid all the Drama!

Since the internet has a short term memory, it was refreshing to rewatch the song again. And if you haven’t seen it already, you’re in for a treat.

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Written by Sarah Galeel

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