Egypt’s Party Safety Campaign Start by Being in a Party with a Harasser in the Lineup!

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Edit: Just minutes after publishing the article, we’ve been contacted by event’s organiser, and they just removed the harasser from the lineup of the party and confirmed that the will NOT be in the party anymore.

They are currently working with We See You to ensure this won’t happen again and are looking for an alternative.

We will be updating this article once they announce the new lineup, and we’re glad swift action has been taken.

Remember, speaking up does make a difference! We just knocked a harasser out, and we can all continue doing that!

Covid-19 is still going strong, yet somehow everyone is living their best lives, and the party scene is back, strong. Not just that, but after the whole Fairmount incident and the social change we’ve all been pushing for with harassment and the party scene in general, it seems like it’s all back to normal.

As if the last 8 months didn’t happen!

During the Fairmount incident scandal, a group of people called “We See You” started, and claimed that they commit to keeping women safe in parties.

The campaign seemed like it had good intentions. In fact, we are convinced that they started with good intentions.

They posted their safety measures, where they’d be offering staff training, posting a safe code in women’s bathrooms, providing a safe space for intoxicated or threatened women, along with many other measurements.

All sounds great; something that we should have had ages ago!

But given that we haven’t had many parties because of Covid, we didn’t really see them on ground. With that said, it’s been announced that these guys will be at a Halloween party.

Great, right?

…Well, not so much.

This is where it gets interesting. This party has an interesting lineup, with the concept of “local criminals”.

Now we love us some good o’l irony, but this one just takes the cake.

You see, while the whole Egyptian #Metoo was happening, every harasser knew their time was coming, which led to several men admitting that they harassed women before getting called out.

This was an assumption by the harassers that if they held themselves accountable for all the damage they did to women before getting caught, then they’re off the hook.

Which apparently has been working…

Because the first name in this party’s line up is a self-professed harasser and abuser.

In a long-ass post on his Facebook account, which later got leaked, this man confessed to harming several women, and the rest of the post was basically talking about himself and how he’s “changed”.

Egypt’s Party Safety Campaign Start by Being in a Party with a Harasser in the Lineup!

The post was not public, nor was it directly to any of the women he harmed. It was only for his friends so he’d save face before anything he’s done becomes public.

We’re not trying to dictate how apologies work here, but we’re pretty sure they should be directed to the ones who were harmed by what you’re apologising for?

But who are we to say?

The sad part is that he was portrayed as a hero by his friends in the comments, with no regards to the harm he’s caused to these women.

We contacted both the party organisers and We see you for their comments about this, and we haven’t received a reply.

We’ve been waiting for over 24 hours.

(Edit: We have been contacted by the organisers, response at the beginning of the article)

Since we didn’t get a reply, we decided to publicly write this. We have to be loud.

As for We See You, what you intend to do is excellent, however, a safe code in the bathroom won’t be useful when I’m seeing the man who harmed and harassed me on stage, celebrated and getting paid.

Accountability does NOT mean admitting to your mistakes. It means admitting to your mistakes AND handling the consequences after. This man should not be in such environments, let alone perform there.

Saad Lamjarred: The Story of The Celebrated Rapist

What do you think?


Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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