Cairo Student Detained for Stabbing His Ex For Leaving Him: Victim Shares Horrific Backstory

Cairo Student Detained for Stabbing His Ex For Leaving Him: Victim Shares Horrific Backstory

Mohammed Abdulhadi, a student and resident of the Nuzha police department in Cairo, was recently detained after assaulting Fatma Al-Arabi, a 20-year-old student and resident of the Cairo police department’s jurisdiction.

This incident was reported to the Cairo police in Nasr City by a hospital after Fatma Al-Arabi was admitted with bodily injuries caused by a sharp object. The suspect, upon being confronted, confessed to assaulting her due to a verbal altercation that took place between them.

The Assault and Backstory

Fatma Al-Arabi had posted pictures of herself covered in blood on her Instagram page, accusing her ex-boyfriend, who she refers to as “Jordi,” of assaulting her with a sharp tool. She stated that her father had refused their relationship, even though it was official. On the night of the incident, Fatma Al-Arabi and her friend were returning home after suhoor when they were ambushed by the young man.

He attacked them with his car and cornered Fatma Al-Arabi in a place where she couldn’t escape. He then got out of his car with a sharp tool and hit her severely on her head and foot until she lost consciousness. Fatma Al-Arabi shared pictures of herself sitting on a wheelchair, covered in blood with visible cuts on her leg and bleeding from her head. She was then taken to the hospital where she received 24 stitches.

Fatma Al-Arabi revealed that she had ended the relationship with him a month ago, but he had attempted to reconcile with her on several occasions. However, she refused, and he even spoke with her father to make things official. However, her father saw him as inappropriate and still considered Fatma Al-Arabi too young to be involved in such a relationship.

The victim narrated that after her father’s refusal, she argued with Jordi, and he ended up insulting her and her family before hanging up. Later, when she was having suhoor with her friends, he drove up to her with his car, opened the door, and stabbed her in the head with a sharp tool before holding her and stabbing her in the leg, which caused her to faint. A complaint was filed against the accused, who fled the scene and remained at large.

Arrest and Confession

After the necessary procedures were taken, the suspect was targeted and apprehended. During his interrogation, it was revealed that he had a broken right hand and accused the informant of causing his injury while he was assaulting her by closing the door of her car on his hand. Additionally, he was guided to surrender the weapon that he used in committing the incident.

Fatma Al-Arabi has shown great bravery in sharing her story and raising awareness about the issue. We hope that justice will be served in this case, and the perpetrator will face the consequences of his actions.

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