Boycott ‘Aish and Malh’: Holding Businesses Accountable for Acts of Cruelty Against Animals

Boycott 'Aish and Malh': Holding Businesses Accountable for Acts of Cruelty Against Animals

The killing of a cat by an employee of the popular restaurant “Aish and Malh” in Downtown, Cairo has sparked a wave of outrage and calls for a boycott on social media. The incident, in which the cat was deliberately thrown under a car, has been widely shared on Facebook, with many expressing shock and disgust at the cruel act.

Eyewitnesses recounted the incident on social media. One user stated that the cat was only three months old and had entered the restaurant through a window, innocently walking around the tables while people were laughing and playing with her. However, the employee took matters into his own hands and brutally threw the cat outside, causing her to die.

In a viral Facebook post that we won’t add here due to the graphic nature of the photo, an eyewitness stated:

“I am sorry for the disturbing image; I tried to make it black and white to soften the impact of the blood. Unfortunately, the cat in the picture was a victim of the cruel living conditions and lack of compassion in the heart of the city. This cat was only a few months old and entered a shop through the window, innocently walking between the tables and jumping on chairs. Despite our attempts to catch her, she kept escaping through the window while people around us laughed.

Then, a waiter volunteered to catch her and took her outside, but instead of releasing her to safety, he heartlessly threw her in front of a car, deliberately causing her death. When we went outside to see what had happened, we found her lying in the middle of the street, bleeding and struggling before passing away.

Most people who witnessed this atrocity were appalled, including myself and many young women who confronted the man responsible and the restaurant manager. When a girl asked the manager if he knew the cat was dead, he replied indifferently. We demanded action from the manager, but he just smiled a fake smile and ignored us. We made a scene, but it did not matter to him or the other people around us.

I want to know what actions I can take against this filthy place. We made a scene and left bad reviews, but it’s not enough. It is disturbing to see that this place has no regard for any living being and lacks basic human decency.”

The restaurant’s management issued an apology on their Facebook page, acknowledging the severity of the situation and assuring their customers that they had taken action against the employee involved in the incident.

However, the apology has not been enough to calm the public’s anger, with many calling for a boycott of the restaurant.

Such cruelty towards animals is a grave issue that should not be taken lightly. The fact that an employee of a well-known establishment would commit such an act raises serious concerns about the training and supervision of staff in the service industry. The disregard for animal welfare is unacceptable and speaks to a larger issue of a lack of empathy and respect for living beings.

It is commendable that the restaurant has taken action against the employee responsible for this heinous act. However, they must also take steps to ensure that all their employees are properly trained in animal welfare and that incidents like this never happen again.

This incident is a reminder of the need for greater awareness and respect for animal welfare in our society. Businesses need to prioritize proper training and supervision of staff to prevent such acts of cruelty and ensure that all living beings are treated with dignity and compassion.

It’s worth noting, however, that according to another viral post on social media, it was discovered that the kitchen of the restaurant is unsanitary, as evidenced by pictures shared in the comments section of the social media post.

The former employees of the restaurant have reported that during renovations, the owner decided to terminate most of the employees and replace them with cheaper foreign workers. There was no prior notice given to the employees and no severance pay provided. Furthermore, the employees were not given any contracts for their employment.

The number of affected employees is estimated to be between 8 to 10 individuals. The restaurant must be held accountable for its actions, and the affected employees deserve compensation for their wrongful termination. We urge the public to spread awareness of this issue and support the boycott of “Aish w Malh”. It is crucial to stand up for the rights of workers and ensure that their voices are heard.

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Written by Raghda El-Sayed

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