Ellie Home tells us How they Operated their business through COVID as part of Meta’s #LoveLocal campaign

Ellie home

This holiday season, Meta is running a social good campaign “#LoveLocal”/ “حب المحلي#” across Instagram and Facebook to support small and medium-sized businesses across the Middle East and North Africa region. The campaign’s goal is to generate consumer demand by mobilizing public support for these local businesses.

And as part of this campaign, we had an exciting interview with Ellie Home, one of the most recognizable local brands in Egypt that have their story of how they started and grew their business during the COVID pandemic and how Facebook and Instagram helped them.

Let’s dip in and know their story! Interesting!

1. Tell us more about Ellie Home, how, when, and where did you start your business?

Ellie Home is specialized in handmade earthenware tableware and accessories, made in Egypt since 2013. It all started when sisters, Nahla and Nour, decided to embark on a journey to start their own pottery brand, only to find out that many of the local artisans abandoned their crafts or have been put out of business.

Eight years later, Ellie the brand that started with two founders, now includes almost 40 employees and artisans. Having their very own workshop, creating their own designs, aiming to improve the livelihood and economic conditions of artisans and support them in growing their craft, all while ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.

2. How did Facebook and Instagram help you grow your business?

The world is all going digital, so Ellie Home had to as well. Facebook and Instagram allow us to share our products and stories and showcase them to the world and gain exposure. More and more people are getting to know the benefits of pottery and shopping ethically through what we share with them and thus, they are able to shop consciously and ethically, creating change with their wallet, one purchase at a time.

3. During the peak of the COVID pandemic, what challenges did you face? How did it impact your business at the time? And how did you pivot to digital and social media?

It’s no surprise, we at Ellie Home haven’t been immune to the lows brought on by the Corona Virus. Everything about this time was challenging, especially during the first wave and the complete shutdown. We were already a digital-based brand at the time, however, it gave us an opportunity to focus more on all our social media platforms, create collaborations and fun interactive content for our followers.

As challenging as this time was, we’ve been fortunate to have experienced some of the highest of highs, including achieving important milestones and reaching sales numbers as we’ve never seen before.

And as a result, we’ve been repeatedly asked by others in the industry: “How did you do it?” The answer is simple. We did it TOGETHER. Looking back on what has made this time the best ever for us, we’re reminded of what a team effort it’s truly been. What we’re most proud of is the great team we’ve put together, this is mainly what got us through this tough time.

In the end, yeah, we have great local brands that definitely worth supporting!

To find out more about #LoveLocal, the available Meta grants program, courses, and webinars, business owners can visit https://www.facebook.com/business/boost/events

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Written by Omar Bakry

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