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Made-In-Egypt is an online shopping app, founded in 2018, that provides a platform to introduce Egyptian products to a worldwide audience.

We interviewed Mohamed Seddik to tell us more about this exciting business.

Why the world needed an application dedicated to Egyptian products?

Egypt has so many products manufactured by small and mini manufacturers that can easily compete with any other products manufactured around the world.

Sadly, however, such small business owners don’t have the know-how or the experience to promote their products.

This is why I took the initiative to establish a mobile application to be a platform that can support those business owners as well as educate consumers about the Egyptian made quality products.

What was your inspiration to start Made-In-Egypt?

Through a lot of TV shows that host small business owners and represent their products on air. Nevertheless, none of those TV shows supported the manufacturer by airing their contacts or how to be reached.

Therefore, I initiated the Made-in-Egypt App supported by a Facebook page to establish the connection between business owners and consumers.

What kind of product does the app provide for its clients?

  • Fashion items for men and women — from clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories
  • Books
  • Home accessories

What kind of manufacturers do you target?

  • Phase one: small and mini manufacturers
  • Phase two: mass production manufacturers

How was your experience promoting your business on Facebook?

Facebook supported the app by converting most of Facebook consumers to App active consumers.

How did Facebook help you reach a wider audience?

It helped mostly through paid posts with target selection of area, gender, age and interest.

Given that 81% of social media users in Egypt mainly use Facebook daily, this makes around 20 million people available to see my app.

With 87% of those 20 Million being females, the broad range users base is directing a successful business page to use FB as a leading online business platform.

On the other hand, the targeting options that FB offers — like gender, age groups, geographical areas and interests — are helping any business owner to direct the posts to their wanted customer at ease.

Without a doubt, I recommend relying on Facebook for any new business owner, especially if it’s an online business.

Did the pandemic affect your business?

Yes, as almost all of the consumers divert their spending to products that are preventing corona infection, as well as the curfew and lockdown. The made-in-Egypt app sales dropped as most of the products on the app aren’t essential and are related to fashion, which no one cared to shop for when they’re stuck at home.

How did Facebook help you conquer the potential adverse effects of the pandemic?

After the end of the curfew, most of the consumers preferred to keep the social distance and not to go out for shopping in crowded places. They start diverting to on-line shopping, mostly from FB as it represents more than + 81% from social media users within Egyptians.

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