6 Reasons Why Leh Laa?! 2 is the Talk of the Town

6 Reasons Why Leh Laa?! 2 is the Talk of the Town

In case you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably heard of the series Leh Laa?! The first season featured Amina Khalil and received mostly positive reviews.

Now with season 2, and its new cast, the series is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and we might assume that it will be written down in history as one of the best series that shaped our society.

Think we’re exaggerating? Hear us out.

But first…

What is Leh Laa?! 2 about anyways?

Leh Laa (Why Not?) is an exclusive series on Shahid written by Mariam Naoum and Maryam Abu Auf. The second season is starring Mena Shalaby and Ahmed Hatem, among many other stars. It raises the issue of adoption and follows the story of Nada, who adopts a child and faces many difficulties along the way. 

Why has the series created such a positive reception?

Reason # 1: The main character represents the younger or modern generation. 

Nada, played by Menna Shalaby, defies society’s standards or rules. Nada had a dream of motherhood that she felt shouldn’t be limited by her age, relationship, or society. She reveals the path of those who take untraditional routes to reach their goals.

6 Reasons Why Leh Laa?! 2 is the Talk of the Town

Reason # 2: There are no rules to how a family should look like.

Egyptian drama previously depicted families or relationships in a certain way. Lee Laa was able to explore and highlight different family and relationship dynamics. Such as the grieving mother who has lost a child, the divorced couple co-parenting, and a family coping with culture shock after living abroad. 

Reason # 3: It reestablishes the concept of a single mother. 

In the past, being a single mother brought shame and confusion. A woman was always taught to make sacrifices and stay in her marriage no matter what. The only way to fulfill her dream of motherhood is marriage. Lee Laa shows how being a single mother deserves praise and support. 

Reason # 4: Parenting is a commitment. 

Whether it’s adoption or your child, parenting is more than providing food and shelter. Parenting requires a healthy mental, physical and emotional state to provide a happy home. Children are not cute accessories. You could be raising a future president or doctor. 

6 Reasons Why Leh Laa?! 2 is the Talk of the Town

 Reason # 5: Younis

Younis, the adopted child, has won the viewers’ hearts with his charm and innocence. He is the real star of the show in which he exposes the life of an orphan from a child’s perspective.

But honestly, lets put all these trivial reasons aside, and acknowledge something crucial that happened due to this series.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity stated that requests to foster and adoption of children have exceeded 2,500 requests since June 2020.


The ministry attributed the unprecedented increase to people’s interaction with the series “Leh Laa?!”.

If you’re interested to know more about fostering and adopting, please visit the following links:

And don’t forget to check out our interview with Sarrah Abdelrahman about her role in the series.

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