10 Tips before getting your first tattoo

Tattoos are permanent decisions, and you’ll have to commit to them for the rest of your life. Before you get them, make sure to know these things!

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I know you are in love. I know about the butterflies in your tummy. You think it will last forever; it’s cute. But if you are over 17 years old, then you already know that relationships don’t usually last forever and sometimes love turns into ugliness and the butterflies in the tummy turn into aches in the chest. Should I say more?  

#2 Do not ink a symbol of an ideology

It’s the same as the name. Ideologies and beliefs change over time; they are just steps in the route. When we look back at our past beliefs, we see some as silly and childish, but we lose all respect for others. I mean, I’m sure, some Nazis thought it’s so cool to have a swastika tattoo. Where did this get them? Jail!

#3 Colored tattoos are bad ass or total shit

They indeed are very much on edge. So you need to give it some thoughts. Would the colours fit your natural skin tone? How are they going to match with your facial features and eye/ hair colour? Is it too many colours? Etc.

#5 Take your time to decide

So now you know WHAT NOT TO INK, take your time to decide WHAT TO INK.Do not listen to people telling you to go big, hip or keep it cute and straightforward. Make it about you, something that represents who you are and what you want to be/wish for.

#6 Don’t do it in summer

Your tattoo is an open wound, for at least ten days, so sun exposure and saltwater are not your friends; they cause inflammation and make the ink fade out. Also, wounds heal better in cold environments, so winter is the best time for it.

#8 Make sure you’re sober

Lots of people are going to offer you alcohol to minimize the pain but don’t. Alcohol increases bleeding tendencies which are dangerous for both you and the artist. Also, when we are high or drunk, we tend to make foolish decisions.

#9 Get ready because IT’S PAINFUL

Some people said they didn’t experience much pain; others described it as too painful. But the outcome will be excellent.   Totally worth the pain.

#10 Take care of your new tattoo

As we said, Tattoos are open wounds for at least ten days. It needs regular cleansing and good covering. Use anti-bacterial and antibiotic cream as described by your professional artist. Eventually, Love your tattoo. Embrace your decision and DO NOT INK SOMEONE’S NAME, seriously guys; this is the most important one. After healing always use durable sunscreen if you’re exposing your tattoos to saltwater and sunlight because this combination makes the ink fade out, not just during the healing process but forever.


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