The Perks of Quarantine: 2 Grannies Reacting to Metal Music!


One of the very few perks of quarantine was people’s boredom leading to some of the best videos and YouTube channels. One of our favourites had to be the 2 Rocking Grannies!

The 2 Rocking Grannies channel is by two grandmothers, Granny Haze and Nana King, who watch and react to metal music, and their reactions are priceless.

The Rocking Grannies managed to reach almost 100k youtube subscribers in just 2 months, with over 4 million views.

According to their channel’s description:

The whole point of this channel is to experience new music and other things with a completely open mind and see if two old ladies like us can relate to a completely different world we’re not necessarily use to. Nana King grew up listening to Motown music and Elvis while Granny Haze is an ex-hippy who loved the Beatles, Hendrix and other peace-loving sounds of the 60’s & 70’s., so this will be an experience, to say the least…

The grannies actually enjoy most of the bands and give out the most random critics that you can think of all while using the motto of “analyse before you criticize”.

Their comments went from wanting to feed the members of System of a Down because they’re too skinny, to wanting to know the hair routine to the members of Dragon Force, all the way to laughing hysterically at Baby Metal.

Whether you’re a fan of metal music yourself or not, these grannies are entertaining as hell! Make sure you check their channel and let us know what you think about them.

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Written by Sarah Galeel

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