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Why We Should Worry About Travis Scott’s Utopia Party at the Pyramids

Why We Should Worry About Travis Scott's Utopia Party at the Pyramids

On the morning of Friday, July 7, an Egyptian news outlet called Cairo Scene briefly published a story that made a surprising claim: Travis Scott was reportedly scheduled to host an album party at the iconic pyramids on July 25.

According to Cairo Scene, Live Nation, the event organizer infamous for the tragic fatalities at Scott’s Astroworld Festival less than two years ago, would be responsible for arranging this event as well.

The article also mentioned other concerts like the Backstreet Boys that supposedly took place at the pyramids within the past year, creating a precedent for Scott’s Utopia party. However, it should be noted that the Backstreet Boys concert did not actually occur at the pyramids but in Zed Park.

Although the article was swiftly removed from all platforms, it managed to spread rumors across the globe, with many people treating it as factual information by that point.

This situation became even more intriguing when Experience Egypt, a division of the Ministry of Tourism, confirmed on July 9th that the party was indeed going to happen. However, their post was also deleted shortly afterward.

Why We Should Worry About Travis Scott's Utopia Party at the Pyramids

At this stage, it appears highly likely that this whole episode is merely a marketing campaign designed to generate buzz and get people talking.

While we lean towards believing that the party will indeed take place, we have serious reservations and concerns about the involvement of Live Nation and Travis Scott. Their track record suggests that this combination could lead not just to a disaster but even to potential fatalities.

Astroworld Festival Tragedy and Live Nation’s Involvement

To understand the gravity of the situation, it’s essential to acknowledge the tragic events that unfolded during Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in 2021.

Organized and managed by Live Nation, the festival witnessed a fatal crowd crush, leading to the deaths of eight people on the first night. Two more individuals passed away in the hospital in the days following the incident.

Accidental compressive asphyxiation was determined to be the cause of death for all ten victims, with one affected by a toxic combination of drugs and alcohol. Additionally, twenty-five concertgoers were hospitalized, and over 300 received treatment for injuries.

Why We Should Worry About Travis Scott's Utopia Party at the Pyramids
An ambulance is seen in the crowd during the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, on November 5. (@onacasella/Twitter/Reuters) in this still image obtained from a social media video on November 6, 2021. C ourtesy of Twitter @ONACASELLA /via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. MANDATORY CREDIT.

Even with the ambulance in the middle of the crowd taking tens of people, Scott claimed he did not think it was anything serious.

“The thing is, people pass out,”

Scott said about the incident

That’s not the only issue: Travis Scott’s History of Incidents

The Astroworld Festival tragedy was not the only incident involving Travis Scott. In 2015, at Lollapalooza, he was charged with disorderly conduct for encouraging concertgoers to bypass security and rush the stage.

The same year, at the Openair Festival in Switzerland, he incited fans to attack a man who took his shoe, spitting on him and repeatedly urging the crowd to “fuck him up.”

In 2017, he faced similar charges after a performance in Northwest Arkansas, and a fan sued him and the organizers of a 2017 concert in Manhattan after falling from a balcony and being dragged on stage due to a crowd surge.

Live Nation’s Organizational Failures

Now, envision such incidents occurring in Egypt, right beside the pyramids, in the heart of the desert with all the July heat.

Past events have showcased a lack of proper organization, with no provision of buses to lead attendees outside. This, combined with scorching heat and an artist who appears indifferent to the safety of his audience, raises serious doubts about the wisdom of holding such an event.

Live Nation’s track record does little to inspire confidence in their organizational abilities.

Even at the Backstreet Boys concert, held at Zed Park, attendees faced numerous difficulties during the exit. The lack of phone signals coupled with a single lane for all cars resulted in hours of waiting, with many relying on ride-sharing services unable to find signals and being forced to walk for hours on a highway.

Furthermore, the limo services provided by Live Nation failed to locate the attendees due to the signal issues.

We also need to be aware of Afrocentrism

While it is impossible to definitively discern Travis Scott’s beliefs, his latest sneaker design as part of his Nike shoe deal caught our eye. The shoe prominently displays the word “Utopia” written in hieroglyphics on the tongue, hinting at a connection between the album and the ancient wonders of Egypt.

It’s now time to remember the Kevin Hart show, which Live Nation organized. However, the show faced unexpected backlash when Hart’s content was perceived as having Afrocentric undertones.

The Potential Dangers of Travis Scott’s Utopia Party at the Pyramids

Considering the combination of Live Nation’s history and Travis Scott’s track record, it becomes evident that the proposed Utopia party poses significant risks. The safety of concertgoers must be paramount, and previous incidents highlight the potential for disaster. It is crucial to prioritize thorough planning, robust security measures, and comprehensive emergency protocols to avoid a repeat of past tragedies.

It is imperative that the relevant authorities, event organizers, and stakeholders carefully assess the potential dangers and take all necessary precautions to prevent any future catastrophes.

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