Ghada Abdel Razek Leads a Family Feud in Ramadan 2024 Thriller “Said Al-Aqareb”

Ghada Abdel Razek Leads a Family Feud in Ramadan 2024 Thriller "Said Al-Aqareb"

Get ready for a thrilling social drama starring Ghada Abdel Razek this Ramadan 2024. “Said Al-Aqareb” (Hunting Scorpions) promises a captivating story of betrayal, revenge, and the unravelling of family bonds.

“Said Al-Aqareb” expertly blends a suspenseful storyline with thought-provoking themes. As two families become locked in a devastating cycle of revenge, the series invites viewers to question the nature of familial ties, the cost of vengeance, and the hidden depths of human motivation.

A Shattered Life and the Seeds of Vengeance

The series centers around Aida, the daughter of Hassan Dharghan. Her world is thrown into chaos when her brother is murdered by her husband’s half-brother. This heinous act shatters a long-standing friendship between the Dharghan and Al-Ghoul families, igniting a bitter feud filled with vengeance and retribution. Aida finds herself thrust into this conflict, where she will be tested physically and emotionally.

Abdel Razek Embraces a New Challenge

Ghada Abdel Razek showcases her versatility as she steps into the lead role of Aida. Typically known for other types of roles, here she embraces the complexity of a woman who has long hidden her strength and determination behind a calm facade. Viewers can anticipate a nuanced and powerful performance from this seasoned actress.

A Stellar Cast and Talented Production Team

“Said Al-Aqareb” features an impressive ensemble of stars alongside Abdel Razek, including Riad El-Khouly, Seimon, Mohamed Alaa, Ahmed Maher, Magdy Badr, Samia Atef, Mayar El-Gheity, and many more. This talented cast ensures dynamic characters and compelling performances. Behind the camera, the series is guided by the skillful writer Baher Dewidar and the experienced director Ahmed Hassan.

Where to Watch

This Ramadan 2024 thriller will be broadcast on the United Media Services (UMS) network, a prominent media company in the Middle East and North Africa. Additionally, “Said Al-Aqareb” will be available for streaming on WATCHIT, UMS’s streaming platform offering a rich catalog of Arabic and international content.

With Ramadan 2024 fast approaching, “Said Al-Aqareb” is a series you won’t want to miss. Get ready for a captivating viewing experience filled with dramatic twists, powerful performances, and a story that will resonate long after the credits roll.

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