3 Most Mysterious Disappearances of People that are still Unsolved Today!

A man, An Island, and An Airplane, disappeared in a mysteriously way and no one knows how!

The 3 Most Unsolved and Mysterious Disappearances of All The Time!

To suddenly and mysteriously disappear from reality; how can this be a real thing?

Ever wonder if people can really disappear and glitch from reality as you see in the fiction movies?

To just be disappeared from reality and no one knows how and where you went, and you never went back! This is only a work of fiction to all of us.

But what if it is not just a work of fiction and it actually happened to people before.

Let Me Walk You Through The Most Mysterious and Unsolved Cases of Disappearance in the Wold!

A Case of an Unsolved and Mysterious Disapearance
James Tedford The Man Who Disappeared Suddenly From a Moving Bus

In 1949 in St. Vermont, a man called James Tedford was taking the bus from the town of Bennington, the bus was filled with people.

This bus ride took nearly eight hours, James Tedford rode it many times as he lives in Bennington and the rest of his family is in St. Alban.

So he took this long trip probably every day to see them.

One day while the bus was going in its usual route, it was a rough day of snow, and the bus was dragged out of its ride. The bus then took hours that day than the usual to arrive.

In this very long trip, Tedford found himself decided to sleep until they arrive.

When the bus stopped at the final station before Bennington, Tedford was already in a deep sleep.

Shortly after, the bus arrived at the final stop, but Tedford did not!

Before the bus arrived at the final stop, some of the passengers noticed that Tedford was no longer there; however, his luggage was still on the bus, and his bus timetable was still on!

The problem is that the bus did not stop before the last stop where Tedford was laying there sleeping! And that was all the fourteen passengers on the bus had proved!

Even the bus driver told the police that Tedford was seen sleeping on the previous stop before they arrive at the final one, and when they arrived at the last one, he was nowhere to be seen!

Tedford wasn’t seen anywhere after being on this bus, he disappeared entirely and never turned back.

But how can this be possible? How can someone disappear from a moving bus among fourteen other people who took it as well?

People freaked out. The police had done many excessive searches for him, but he was never seen again!

People started to think that maybe the bus had experienced a strange phenomenon while moving and the world had experienced a glitch that slipped Tedford out of reality!

Is that even possible? We don’t know. However, things starting to get more strange here!

Another incident of disappearance had happened and not to just one person, it is for a whole colony!

In 1585 the Europeans had established a colony in the island of Roanoke. However, this colony had many issues.

First, the Europeans failed to make peaceful relations with the Native Americans, and the colony lacked many resources to support it; that is why there was a supply ship from Europe to support the colony.

When the ship left Roanoke in 1587, it is said that it would get back within a year to resupply the colony with goods.

However, upon returning the ship to Europe a war broke up pushing the ship back to the colony, it wouldn’t be until in 1590 the ship went back to Roanoke, and what did they found?

There was no colony, there was no trace of life on this land, they found the colony preserved but abonnement.

The captain of the ship and the rest of the crew went to that colony, and the only thing they found was a word “Croatoan” carved on one of the trees.

The crew thought immediately that the settlers had moved to a nearby colony with that name.

Disappearance of Roanoke Island
The search of Roanoke Island

However, there was no trace of any other colony near them that even this Croatoan disappeared. It was estimated that around 120 colonies around this island disappeared as well, without any trace of them, they just vanished into thin air! 

The mystery of this colony had never been solved, researchers tried to find remains of this colony and if it was attacked by Native Americans, but even the remains were nowhere to be found, and there was no sign of attacking!

And when you think that this cannot get any crazier, unfortunately, it gets! 

The Disappearance of Flight 370.

A flight of 239 passengers had disappeared, and there was no trace of the flight nor them!

The flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and was headed to Beijing when the flight arrived at the Vietnamese airspace the piolet radioed to the air traffic the last words and signals from this flight: “Good Morning, Malaysian 370.”

Until this day, that flight had no trace of it nor even plane wreckage nor any trace of people on it!

239 people on a plane disappeared, and it was nowhere to be found!

Disappearance of Flight MH370

How can this be even real with a whole plane being vanished?

This remains one of the most terrifying, unsolved, and mysterious cases of disappearance in history!

Many mysteries happened throughout history, and no one could ever solve one of them.

The world itself is a mystery, and every day, something happens that makes us question many taboos on our lives!

Will we ever have an explanation to those mysteries we see or even witness? We never know!

We will just sit back and enjoy those chilling mysteries!

Source: People who slipped out of reality

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