Unpopular Opinion: Friends is a Toxic Show, and We Have 7 Reasons Why!

Note: The writer of this article is a hardcore fan of the show, and watched the show like a million time.

Unpopular Opinion: Friends is a Toxic Show, and We Have 7 Reasons Why!

Friends is one of the best shows that ever existed, and we, as hardcore fans, are obsessed with it. It soothes our stress and makes us laugh at our most challenging times.

I have been watching the show for seven years, over and over again. Like most of you, I take the show as a haven from the hardships and sad times.

But let’s pause and be real with ourselves; if we took out all the comedy and laughter from Friends, we end up with the most toxic show that ever aired on TV.

Yes, Friends is a Toxic Show, and here’s why!

1) Friends is whitewashed

Unpopular Opinion: Friends is a Toxic Show, and We Have 7 Reasons Why!

Every main character or character of importance in the show was a white, privileged, middle-class person? There were no other varieties back in the 90s? Or this specific gang doesn’t include minorities for whatever reasons they might have?

How many black people were in the show? Think about it for a minute. You have to think hard to remember, right! That’s because there were very few and none of them was of any importance on the screen.

2) Their shallowness is a big screw you in the face of political correctness

Let’s face it; the whole gang is shallow as hell. The way they think and perceive the world is one dimensional and dumb. The way they judge people in their relationships is superficial in its finest and disgusting in its worst.

3) Friends and ugly naked guy

What about that? Calling someone ugly and fat? What kind of people came up with this joke to be repeated repeatedly in the show. Shaming people for their size and looks is not just shallow and disgusting. It’s a slap to the facer of political correctness.

Remember Tag, Rachel’s assistant? Hiring him was so unprofessional and shallow. And having sex with him was a huge mistake.

And below you will find more toxicity that comes from nowhere but shallowness and stupidity. Carry on, please!

4) The stupidity in mocking science and geeks

Unpopular Opinion: Friends is a Toxic Show, and We Have 7 Reasons Why!

Ross is supposed to be geeky of the gang, yet he is as shallow and toxic as the rest. He plays the geek most stereotypically: an apathetic and dull person with tiny charm.

And the whole gang is either so bored of his talking about science or mocking his passion for it. Which reveals how stupid, shallow, and toxic people they are.

5) Toxic masculinity

Now, let’s talk about how much toxic masculinity the guys and the gals live with.

All the jokes about Chandler feminine looks and behaves are nothing but the guys’ scream of fragile masculinity and patriarchal and toxic masculinity in the girls’ core.

Look at Monica telling Ross that he throws like a girl. Or Rachel telling Ross that he acts like a girl. So what if he acts like a girl? What’s wrong about that? Except the girls are so patriarchal and they boosting the toxic masculinity.

6) The toxic relationships

Look at Ross and Rachel, how childish these people are? How much does it take to understand that communication is the key to a happy life? They kept fighting their feelings for no reason and ended up in a very toxic relationship for ten whole seasons.

How much does it take people to learn to express their feelings and be honest? And we – the audience – lived this toxicity with them along with the show.

Not only Ross and Rachel, Everyone in the show had their very toxic relationship. Chandler and Janice, breaking up and getting back together to break up again over and over again. TOXIC!

7) Fat Monica

Unpopular Opinion: Friends is a Toxic Show, and We Have 7 Reasons Why!

So Monica was so fat as a child and up to high school.

Okay, we got it, but why this is funny? Why her eating disorders are mocked? And why she is ashamed of that?

The whole portrayal of fat people as compulsive eaters is just repulsive and offensive.

We do not hate the show; we actually love Friends. But we need to point at these things to understand that it’s not acceptable and should not be repeated in any show ever again.

For example, Variety in cinema and TV is significant because everyone deserves to be presented on TV decently and respectfully. And we hope that we don’t see such toxicity ever again on TV. 

What do you think?


Written by Ahmed Dahabi


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