Dolato Has 6 New Gelato Flavours, and We’re Here to Review Them!

Dolato Has 6 New Gelato Flavours, and We're Here to Review Them!

It has been scientifically proven that ice cream and gelato are better in winter. – source: Us. We came up with that.

Lucky for us, last night we were sent the new gelato winter flavours from Dolato, and boy, oh boy, did we enjoy it!

Taking the gelato to a whole new level, with La Renna Morena’s latest range.

The new range added these yummy new flavours at Dolato:

Dolato Has 6 New Gelato Flavours, and We're Here to Review Them!

Pistachio, Classic, Nero, Wafers, Lemon & Coconut and Almond & Hazelnut.

It was sent to us as a PR package for transparency’s sake, but the review is definitely not sponsored, nor was it asked for. We just loved it and wanted to tell our readers to try it too.

Dolato Has 6 New Gelato Flavours, and We're Here to Review Them!

First, let me start by reviewing my favourite flavour; Wafers.

I’ll keep my review short and simple. Can you imagine if Kinder Bueno was a gelato? Well, you don’t have to imagine that anymore, because that’s what it tasted like!

It has pieces of wafers blended in as well, which becomes a pleasant surprise when you’re eating it.

Classic and Nero:

Usually, I’m not a fan of chocolate flavoured gelato and ice cream. These two, however, I didn’t hate at all. They had the perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla, and the cool and warm layers made it taste more like a fudge.


This is the only one that I have a slightly negative comment on, and it’s not about the flavour. It just doesn’t look good. However, the taste does makeup, or it’s looked since it tastes, but its also filled with very interesting textures.

Lemon & Coconut:

Due to allergies, I couldn’t personally taste this flavour (damn you, coconut!), According to those I gave it to, it tastes fresh, but not the summer type fresh. More of the “I feel fresh” fresh if that makes any sense.

If that doesn’t make sense, hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

Almond & Hazelnut:

Another flavour I’m allergic too. I accidentally have a taste of it, since I confused it with the wafers.

Just like the pistachio, the texture is the star of this flavour. It has a very cosy flavour to it as well, which makes it a really cool winter flavour.

Dolato is located at Midtown Mall – New Cairo, Almaza Avenue Mall – Heliopolis and Zed Park – Sheikh Zayed.

Also, they currently have a free delivery offer till the end of January

What do you think?


Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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