Nooshi’s Nibbles: Homemade Cat and Dog Treats that are, According to my Pets, to DIE for!

Nooshi's Nibbles; cats and dogs treats

Whether you’re training your little dog, showing them love, or simply want to spoil them, giving your dog treats is the way to go!

And because I have two spoiled brats, and 5 other spoiled cats (I know, judge me all you want), I decided to spoil them all with some homemade treats by Nooshi’s Nibbles.

For transparency’s sake, we were sent free goodies by Nooshi’s Nibbles as a PR package for Chewie’s birthday, but we weren’t asked for a review or anything. And y’all might not know my dogs Chewie and Cookie, but their honest doggos and their reviews are authentic.

With that out of the way, lets know more about Nooshi’s Nibbles and their products, starting with the most important question; who’s Nooshi?

I rescued Noosh in December 2019. She was abandoned on the streets, left to fend for herself. She had a broken hind leg that had healed in the wrong position, she had pneumonia, diarrhoea, bite marks/scabs, an umbilical hernia, and we suspected she was deaf because she would not react to sounds around her.

She had a lot of trauma and was terrified of other dogs. We had to amputate her bad leg, and she had a Demodex infestation soon after because of her weak immune system.

Our journey together has been filled with laughs, tears, sleepless nights, hugs, kisses, walks, swims and lots of neck rubs. But through it all, Nooshi has been a fighter, and her resilience and love for life have inspired me and many others around her.  It only made sense to name this project after this tenacious tripod!

Said Tal, Founder of Nooshi’s Treats

In September 2020, Pawsitive Veterinary clinic, who treated and supported Nooshi on her journey, wanted to make giveaway goodies for their first anniversary. They approached Tal to make the treats, and she hasn’t stopped making them since!

Nooshi’s Nibbles: Homemade Cat and Dog Treats that are, According to my Pets, to DIE for!

Nooshi’s Nibbles was founded after Tal couldn’t find healthy, all-natural treats for her cat and two dogs here in Cairo, so she started making them herself.

Being a health-conscious person myself, it only made sense to provide the same care for my pets, and that’s why ingredients are the heart and soul of everything we do. We pride ourselves in our intentional work; lots of research and thought go into every single ingredient we use to ensure that all of our babies are getting the nutrition they deserve.

Tal, Founder of Nooshi’s Nibbles

Nooshie’s Nibbles’s first launch was the liver line because there wasn’t any natural beef liver treats in the market.

Each product incorporates beef liver differently. Beef liver is a staple in Tal’s pets’ diets because it is nutritious organ meat, rich with vitamins such as vitamin A, and vitamin B – specifically vitamin B2, B3, B5, B12, choline and folate. It is also an abundant source of minerals such as iron, copper, phosphorus, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

Nooshi’s Nibbles: Homemade Cat and Dog Treats that are, According to my Pets, to DIE for!

Their products are dehydrated, which means taking the moisture out of the ingredients at low temperatures. Feeding your cats and dogs dehydrated treats is as good as feeding them raw ones because the ingredients maintain their nutrient profile at low temperatures. 

Now for the real talk, what do Chewie and Cookie, my dogs, really think of Nooshie’s Nibbles?

Before getting into the dogs review, the human review is that the packages are nice, neat, simple, not too over the top, which makes the price affordable. More importantly, it was plastic free, so extra points for being eco-friendly.

As an eco-conscious person, it was important to me to build a sustainable brand. We looked for different types of packaging but ultimately settled for the signature glass jars. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ll be announcing our jar exchange program very soon, so keep a lookout for Nooshi’s Nibbles!


As for the names of the “flavours”, if you have a cheap sense of humour like I do, you’ll have a good chuckle at the names.

Now the prices. Woof, woof! Super affordable, especially for it’s quality. Personally, this is the cheapest treat I’ve seen around.

Nooshi’s Nibbles: Homemade Cat and Dog Treats that are, According to my Pets, to DIE for!

Now the main problem I have with these treats is that it turned my dogs into treat-heads; meaning the kept walking around the house sniffing everywhere to get a hit. So if you want to find new addictions for your dogs, this is your treat as much as it’s theirs.

Nooshi’s Nibbles: Homemade Cat and Dog Treats that are, According to my Pets, to DIE for!

For training purposes, they are very effective as well. Chewie is now 5 years old and was refusing to learn to hi-5, mostly because he didn’t care for treats, but now he’s almost there.

If you really want to know what Chewie and Cookie thought of the treats, then this video will sum it all up!

After consulting with Chewie and Cookie, as well as my 5 other cats, we decided that our final rating for Nooshi’s Nibbles will be 4.5 stars out of 5.

The 0.5 star is only because of the lack of variety, and because Chewie has sensitive teeth, he slightly struggled with nibbling on them. Smaller sizes would be easier for cats as well. But overall, we love it and will definitely be buying again.

What do you think?


Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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