Hisham Kharma to be the first composer in the first Egyptian Metaverse City

Hisham Kharma to be the first composer in the first Egyptian Metaverse City

The Egyptian composer Hisham Kharma is to participate in the launch of the first of its kind Egyptian metaverse city (METATUT) on Nov 30th. This makes Kharma the first Egyptian to play his music in this new metaverse.

During the event, Kharma will play two of his scores in the Inner pyramid and the Enchanted Melody Hall.

TUTERA is a creative community hub for designers from all over the world to present designs reviving ancient Egyptian beauty & spirit in a way that fits today’s lifestyle and is relevant in today’s context. TUTERA is established by the architect Dr. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen in collaboration with CUBE CONSULTANTS. The design is inspired by Khufu, the great pyramid of Giza, and targets scientific research and space tourism.

Lately, Kharma has presented the official music theme and the opening film soundtrack for the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference – Cop 27 held by the Egyptian Ministry of Environment and the UNFCCC.

Hisham Kharma is a Music Composer & Producer, Creative Director & Social Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and having lived in Miami, Hamburg, and Dubai; Kharma has been influenced by multi-cultural experiences that shaped his mind & reflected in his music. Kharma’s passion is to create inspirational and uplifting melodies with a fusion of modern World grooves and sounds. He likes to break barriers by exploring forever-new sounds & new collaborations.

In 2016, Kharma kickstarted his live music concerts. Described by many as a World class show with an immersive soulful music experience; Kharma with his Orchestra has performed in major Mega events & Launches, and in major landmarks like the Pyramids, Cairo Citadel, & London Mansion House. Kharma Has released multiple top charting albums and singles; his first official release was “First Voyage” with Virgin Megastore and Hybrid records. His second official album was with Sony Music in the “Arabesque” series along with Grammy-award winner Yanni and Can Atilla.

In 2019 Kharma started his film & series scoring career starting with “Al Nehaya Series” & ending with the famous “Suits Arabia” series as his latest scoring projects.
In 2022, Kharma was chosen to compose the official music theme for COP27, the main theme for Cairo Drama Festival 1st Edition, and produce the World Fencing Championship official song.

Before starting his Music journey, Kharma started as a Creative Director in the Ad industry, with a pack of regional and global awards under his belt. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.To give back to his community, Kharma has founded www.Law3andakDam.com, an online service that matches blood donors and patients in need of blood, based on location and blood type. He is now an Ashoka Fellow for his social entrepreneurial efforts.

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