Breaking Down Ramadan 2022’s Ad Campaigns: Starting with Uber

Breaking Down Ramadan 2022's Ad Campaigns: Starting with Uber

We’re almost by the end of Ramadan, and almost all ads are now aired. Since we’ve seen all ads now, we decided to break down some of the ads from an entertaining and marketing perspective.

The recurring themes of most ads this year, and in previous years if we’re being honest, are getting a lot of celebrities, adding something nostalgic, high production, and a long jingle that gets stuck in your head. Yet, even with all of that, it’s becoming a struggle to remember the brands of the ads, and they barely reflect the product itself or the service. 

We will be breaking down many campaigns, but we decided to start with the one campaign that we felt broke the traditional Ramadan campaign molds, and the campaign is from Uber.

Short, Sweet, and Straight to the point

Uber wanted to communicate that they have a short wait time, and you can leave as soon as you order your ride. This was managed in a 30-seconds or less ad. 

The series is efficient without any celebrities, no jingles, no high production, and sends the message very clear: Uber, Order, Arrived. 

Additionally, ironically, the simplicity of the ad makes it stand out. 

Consistency with various copies of the ad campaign

The campaign has 2 different copies that all communicate the same message. It shows the main characters wanting to leave a certain situation, and they order an Uber and leave shortly. 


The situations are relatable to most of us, from women on bad dates to being asked for favors.

From a marketing perspective, this, in our humble opinion, is one of the strongest campaigns. The ads are extremely relatable, automatically making you think of Uber whether you use it or not if you get into these situations. 

The campaign is true to the Uber international brand

We just love it when a brand manages to fit itself in all markets and cultures and still makes sense. The campaign is exactly like most Uber international campaigns, yet they’re relatable here and in European and Asian markets. 

This brings us back to the “consistency” aspect of the brand. Unfortunately, becoming consistent in the international market is NOT an easy thing to accomplish, but fortunately for Uber, they manage to achieve this. 

So this is our two cents on Uber’s Ramadan 2022’s campaign. Let us know your thoughts on it!

What do you think?


Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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