For the First Time in Egypt with alynr: Introducing the All-star Smile Journey With Ai-powered Technologies

For the First Time in Egypt with alynr: Introducing the All-star Smile Journey With Ai-powered Technologies

The alynr dental aligner brand launches its first Mena Region Laboratory in Egypt.

Empowered by leading pioneers and highly experienced orthodontists from Europe, the US, and the Middle East, alynr is an EU-based health-tech dental brand with an advanced platform working on redefining the orthodontics support experience in Egypt through a chain of digitally-equipped laboratories ensuring faster, easier, and high-quality treatments through its satellite clinics.

The alynr treatment operates on 3D images and impressions with the patient’s medical history shared through international satellite labs to manage customized aligner treatment plans. This includes wearing schedules, tracking progress, foaming, and a whitening plan that can permanently transform smiles in just 6 months!

Co-Founder and Chairman of alynr, Dr. Fady Yaacoub, aims to help support orthodontists in Egypt with improved access to international healthcare and advanced delivery of oral care in Egypt with a cost-efficient treatment plan on both patients and orthodontists.

When asked why Egypt has the official brand launch in MENA, the alynr brand explains that throughout history, Egyptians have proven to be pioneers in new creations. Whether it was the invention of the toothbrush or toothpaste and what is now modern breath mints, Egyptians have always shown an impressive track record of challenging innovations with specialized workers of all sorts. alynr believes that Egypt is the perfect representation of the MENA region with the right philosophy and the know-how to take on such advancements in oral care. The mission is to help support orthodontists in Egypt to access 21st-century state-of-the-art technologies and advanced solutions through satellite labs and away from traditional and outdated methods.

Ensuring higher quality of materials and services, customized patient plans with a proven increase in patients case acceptance by 40%, the alynr robust planning software created a fully customized treatment plan for orthodontists and patients using the most reliable AI-driven. In addition, they trusted US software, stronger customized laser-cut plastic, and precise fabrication engineered using Essix ACE plastic, giving 54% more force than traditional aligners and delivering over 1 million aligners per year.

The alynr motto, Let the stars align, underlines the brand’s values that everyone is a star in their own right and shines brightest when they smile confidently. alynr hopes that through their establishment with various leading orthodontics in the country, individuals can now have access to the highest quality of international services and treatment plans with faster and bigger smiles across Egypt.

To become a member and join alynr pro journey, visit to discover more.

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