Egyptian Captain Went Missing After a Commercial Boat Sank in the Pacific Ocean

Egyptian Captain Went Missing After a Commercial Boat Sank in the Pacific Ocean

On 14 July, a 24-year-old Egyptian captain, Sameh Said, was reported missing after a commercial boat sank in the Pacific Ocean on its way to Libya. The ship had 12 people on it, 10 were rescued, and 2 were missing. 

Sameh’s family and friends took to social media to ask for help finding Sameh. Unfortunately, the Jordan Academy for Maritime studies issued a statement about the case, claiming they have no information about the incident.

According to one of Sameh’s friends on social media, Sameh studied at the Naval Academy in Jordan and graduated last year. Afterward, he contacted a broker in Egypt who works in the Sea Trade to help him secure a job on a commercial boat in exchange for 60,000 EGP. 

Only two months after, Sameh returned and asked for his money back as the ship had holes in it, but the broker refused and offered him a job on another boat. 

Again, on 20 June, the Egyptian captain discovered holes in the ship. He asked the ship’s owner to return to fix it, but he refused. 

As a result, Sameh started sending videos, text messages, and images to his family and friends, showing them the water filling the ship and crying for help. 

Sameh asked his friends to post these videos and images on social media anonymously to expose the owners, but when his mother knew the news, she refused to post them. 

Instead, Sameh’s mother called the ship’s owner, who told her the boat was being fixed at Suez’s dock. 

Sameh denied the owner’s claims and said that he left them in India, returned to Suez alone, and asked them to get the ship back to him.

The ship sank, and the 12 people on it, including Sameh, used the zodiac boat to flee the ship. Sameh fell from the zodiac to the ocean, and the waves drifted him away from his colleagues. 

One of his colleagues on the zodiac boat tried to save him, but he couldn’t, and eventually, he drifted with Sameh. 

10 hours later, another ship reached the 10 people remaining on the zodiac boat and rescued them. 

As of now, the Egyptian Ministry of Emigration is monitoring the situation with the Egyptian Embassy in Jordan, waiting for any updates on the case.

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Written by Heba ElKady

A former accountant now working as a journalist after career shifting.

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