CZNBurak: Celebrating the Best Form of Art – Food!

What’s the best form of art, you ask? It’s food! Duh. Admit it, last year, you pretended to be a superb chef baking cake in your kitchen during the quarantine. We all know how that went; trust me.

CZNBurak: Celebrating the Best Form of Art – Food!

If food is an art, then it requires artists. Our leading artist in this article is the Turkish chef, Burak Özdemir, famously known as CZNBurak, all over the social platforms. 

Why is CZN Burak famous?

The power of social media startles us every day. 
Burak rose to the occasion through our beloved app, TikTok. Thanks to TikTok, the world has gotten to know Burak’s exceptional cooking skills, who has reached 36M followers. He has now stretched out to Instagram with over 21M followers! 
But Burak’s cooking skills weren’t the only factor for his fame; it’s his signature smile that he gives to the camera while he cooks. 

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Yes, he doesn’t entirely look at the meal he is preparing. He looks straight to the camera with a haunting smile. 

One more thing that makes Burak special is his ability to prepare substantial Middle Eastern, not just Turkish, meals.

Celebrating the Best Form of Art with the Artist CZNBurak

I mean, look at that! You feel full just by looking at it…and you’d still want to carry on eating the entire table.

Cznburak’s passion was always cooking, even as a kid. And since passion is the key to everything, he excelled at it.

Burak’s grandfather and father ran a restaurant called ‘Zeytindalı Restaurant’ in Sisli, Istanbul. Burak worked with his father when he was 13 years old.

 I guess it runs in the family.

He went from viral Tiktok videos to opening up his chain of restaurants! 

Burak started the chain of ‘HATAY MEDENiYETLER SOFRASI AL MADINA RESTAURANT’ in AKSARAY/iSTANBUL. And since it had high demand, obviously, they opened up 5 more branches all over Turkey. 

News has been circulating about Burak opening a burger restaurant in Dubai Mall! Man… that’s going to be one hell of a burger – a Cznburak burger!

His exquisite cooking attracted celebrities, artists, and athletes. He opened up the first overseas branch in the United Arab Emirates under the name CZNBURAK DUBAI.

From Mohammed Ramadan to UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedev, Will Smith, AND CR7!

Cznburak isn’t just a chef; he is also a kindhearted human who believes “love is the greatest bond.” 

He pays surprise visits to disabled people and puts a smile on their faces. Always. 

It’s really something to be able to cook fantastic food and to be a decent human being. 

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Written by Hannah Ahmed

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