Maged’s Debut Song “Chelsea” Hits YouTube!

Maged’s Debut Song “Chelsea” Hits YouTube!

Today, star Maged releases his debut song, entitles “Chelsea,” on his official YouTube channel.

“Chelsea” is written and composed by Maged too.

Produced by L’Arc Productions, “Chelsea” is directed by Mohamed Faisal, and Sherif Magdy is handling the song’s music production and mixing.

Commenting on his new song “Chelsea,” Maged says, “What makes the song different are the melodies, the lyrics, and the way of performing in the singing.

The music is a type of trap, but the melodies and lyrics are a mixture of mine. The melodies are not understood if they are ray, nor trap, or oriental, and this what makes it distinguished or different by this composition.

Maged is an Egyptian actor/singer who started his artistic career in France, where he studied theater at the Conservatory Regional De Metz University, to graduate from it in 2010.

In 2013, Maged landed his debut role as an actor was in the TV drama Nekdeb Law Olna Mabenhebesh, followed by several TV dramas, including; Al Walda Basha, Gabal Al Halal, Al Ahd (El Kalam El Mobah), Saraya Abdeen 2, Sabaa’ Arwah, Nawaya Baree’a, Al Byoot Asrar, Rasayel, Halawet El Dunya, Sou’ El Hareer.

Maged had a distinguished appearance in the films Sukkar Mor and Ya Tahadi Ya Taadi.

Besides, Maged has another passion for singing, in which he introduces a new genre of his own in terms of music, melodies, words, and the manner of singing.

L’Arc Production is a leading production company owned by Mohamed Faisal and Sherif Magdy.

L’Arc seeks to discover and present a new wave in the world of film, television, and music production around the world.

The company aims to invest in new stars and present different productions to develop the art scene in Egypt and the Arab world.

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