7 Halloween Movies to Watch if You Have No Plans Today!

Wondering what to watch this Halloween? We have got you covered!

7 Halloween Movies to Watch if You Have No Plans Today!

Our favorite spooky night of the year is just around the corner, and we are very excited!

If you are looking to make your night even much more thrilling, here are seven Halloween movies we think you should watch:

A Quiet Place 1 & 2:

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: A Quiet Place Trailer

Who would have known that Jim from The Office has such a dark side to him? John Krasinski, known for his role as Jim in the legendary show, The Office, takes us on his directorial debut with ‘A quiet place’. The movie is a true testament to how talented and versatile Krasinksi is as an artist. Emily Blunt gives us a breathtaking performance as well. Usually, in a genre like horror, the focus is on sound and visual effects. It is rare to find top-tier cinematic visuals and performances too.

IT (2017):

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: IT Trailer

We are generally very cynical when it comes to movie remakes, as we see them as a way to catch a final money grub while capitalizing on a previous success. IT first saw success as a tv miniseries based on a novel of the brilliant Stephen King. However, This movie remake truly gave a fresh and new outlook on the beloved character. Skarsgard’s performance as the much-feared Pennywise was more serious and elevated. The movie had very high expectations to fill before it was released, and it sure delivered, with some critics calling it one of the best adaptations of a King novel.

The Silence of the Lambs:

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: Jodie Foster on Anthony Hopkins and new camera techniques in the film

An all-time classic! I mean if you haven’t watched ‘The Silence of the lambs’, can you even call yourself a film buff? ‘The silence of the lambs’ transcends its genre as just a horror film to become a real work of art. In my opinion, the same way ‘The Godfather’ created the stereotype or genre of the mafia movie, ‘The silence of the lambs’ did the same for the serial killer film genre. If you are watching it for the first time, brace yourself for Anthony Hopkin’s deep blue eyes deeply staring into your soul.

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Twitter

Get Out:

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: Get Out movie on Twitter

The movie that shot Daniel Kaluuya into stardom and won director Jordan Peele his Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, Get Out, is an original and unique concept. This movie’s villains are not your usual aliens and ghosts. Instead, Peele played on the racial history of America. Even though racism is still a very sensitive subject in the U.S., Peele succeeded in tackling it not only in an intelligent way but also in a very entertaining and thrilling approach.

Don’t Breathe:

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: Don’t Breathe Trailer

Honestly, just the trailer had us sitting on the edge of our seats. ‘Don’t breathe’ also relies on real-life situations rather than supernatural elements, which makes it all the more terrifying. I mean the anxiety level of some scenes is just over the roof. And the plot of a blind man is quite a unique idea as well. It is also very entertaining and fast-paced.

Siccin or Sijjin (2014):

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: Siccin Trailer

For supernatural horror lovers, Siccin will be one of your favorites. It is a Turkish horror film series that gained international acclaim, marking a new era for Turkish horror cinema. I must admit that watching a film that draws on eastern mythology or tales of black magic. As well as presenting some elements of Muslim culture because the plot takes part in Turkey, was unique to watch. However, this movie is not for the weak-hearted. It has very gruesome, bloody, and eerie scenes. You don’t want to watch this one by yourself!

Happy Death Day:

A horror film with a touch of Groundhog Day? Who says it isn’t possible! ‘Happy Death Day’ is one of the first movies to explore combining black comedy with horror. It surely exceeded expectations while trying to push boundaries and experiment with new concepts. ‘Happy Death Day’ works for a solid entertaining night that also does not give you life-long trauma like ‘siccin’.

7 Halloween Movies to Watch: Happy Death Day Trailer

As you can tell from our reviews, the horror genre is not just screams and loud noises or scares anymore. It is continuously evolving and exploring new artistic ways in cinema and adopting more well-written scripts and plots.

So make sure to update your horror experience with some of our suggestions this Halloween night. Let us know in the comments, what movies should we review next?

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