10 Affordable Sushi Places in Cairo Other Than Mori Sushi!

What’s better than having a good quality and affordable sushi!

10 Affordable Sushi Places in Cairo Other Than Mori Sushi!

Craving Sushi in the middle of the month or even at the end of it is really sad for your paycheck?

Don’t worry, we got you 10 affordable Sushi places where you can eat Sushi whenever you want. And they are near you!

Affordable Sushi near me in Cairo? Yes, please!

Here are your next favourite Sushi places besides Mori Sushi

#1 Arigato Sushi & Grill

Looking for authentic Sushi with good quality? Totally recommending Arigato Susi & Grill. They have All You Can Eat offer which you can eat Sushi as much as you can with 250 egp.

It’s really tasty and you’ll enjoy it’s Japanese vibes, they have also a grill menu if your company has someone who doesn’t eat sushi.

Location: You can find them at Zamalek 22 Taha Hussien Street Abu El Feda and El Shiekh Zayed in Legenda Mall.

Contact: You can reach them through this phone number 0237944038 or through their Instagram page.

#2 Sushi Gate

10 Affordable Sushi Paces other than Mori Sushi
Sushi gate menu

Good quality sushi with affordable prices? Sushi gate here it is.

Location: it is located at Zamalek 42 Baghdad Ali, at Shooting Club gate 1 and behind the five-pointed stadium.

Contact: You can reach them through their Instagram page, or through these numbers 01153538335 – 01200750626

#3 Tako Sushi

Perfect quality and affordable prices, highly recommend this place.

It has also a tasty not sushi menu.

Location: only has one branch at Beverly Hills El Shiekh Zayed

Contact: You can reach them through Instagram page, or contact these numbers for delivery 011 190 190 93 , 0102 427 15 45

#4 AMA Sushi

10 Affordable Sushi Places other than Mori Sushi

AMA Sushi is one of the great places for sushi from quality to prices.

You won’t regret trying this one!

Location: You can find them at Heliopolis 40 Baghdad St., New Cairo Patio Mall New Cairo, North 90 street, and El Shiekh Zayed Galleria 40.

Contact: for delivery Heliopolis branch 01273839292, New Cairo branch 01113789789 – 01212044480, El Shiekh Zayed branch 01093020040.

#5 L Sushi

Affordable sushi place with a good quality.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Chillout,Waslet Dahshur Rd,Before Entrance4, Maadi 50st, Zahraa El Maadi, Inside Wataneya, and El Tagamo3 NA Road, Inside Wataneya

Contact: You can reach them for delivery through this number 0102 333 6622

#6 Zi Sushi

Zi Sushi is really from the affordable Sushi places with good quality; you won’t regret trying it!

Location: You can find at El Shiekh Zayed in Americana Plaza, Heliopolis 27 Hassan Sadek st, beside The Barron Palace, and Mohandessin 9 Ahmed Sami el Saeed Square El batal Ahmed abd el Aziz.

Contact: For Zayed branch 01091889810 0238517131, Heliopolis branch 01122080053 01208761608 0226903086 and Mohandessin branch 01010774701 , 0233658202

#7 Mo Sushi