Covid-19 and virtual interviews: Here are some Do’s and Don’ts

Virtual interviews

2020 hasn’t been easy on any of us, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies and other business entities have switched to virtual interviews. So if you are a fresh graduate and new to the career world or you want to give it another try, you may need to read this article because we gathered some dos and don’ts that will help you to ace your digital interview.

Do your homework

The easiest and quickest way to fail in an interview is to know nothing about the employer or to ask the lamest question of all ‘what do you do here?’ or ‘what is your speciality?’ and you are thinking to yourself: ‘oh I am smart and making a conversation with the recruiter’, no you are not please don’t do that.

Do schedule Virtual interviews when it’s quiet at home.

We know it is quite challenging especially when you have kids or younger siblings, but you have to choose a time when they are taking a nap or even to have someone to sit with them, and I think we got used to their existence at home when there were no schools or nurseries during Covid-19. So try to manage that so that your virtual interviews shall be as quiet as possible.

Do a test of your internet connection, audio and visual settings beforehand.

It could cost you your dream job if you made the recruiter wait for you till you download the needed program or fix some internet issues. They may think that you are not serious or you don’t care about the opportunity.

Don’t dress in a casual outfit.

Yes, they are virtual interviews and the interviewer can’t see the entire outfit. But we recommend dressing appropriate interview attire. By this, the recruiter will take you seriously and also you will put yourself in the right mood and will be more confident.

Don’t rely on written notes.

It is essential to practice your answers ahead of your virtual interviews. Because believe us they will notice it if you are looking at written notes even if you made it very quickly, and also you won’t sound natural at all. So ditch it and try to be yourself as much as possible.

Don’t say anything negative about a former employer.

Even if you hated the last place you worked for and wished them to die, try to say nice words about them if you’re asked to talk about them. Because there are always two sides of the story and for sure they too would have something very negative to say about you. So play it smart.

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Written by Neveen Hammad

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