The Decline of the Engineering Fields in Egypt

2 man on construction site during daytime stockpack pexels scaled
2 man on construction site during daytime stockpack pexels scaled

“Hey son, listen you must to be an engineer to be respected and get a high paid job,” -said the vast majority of the Egyptian families.

But it seems that their speech about how rich and respected I will be after being an engineer turned out unrealistic and doesn’t pay off.

It is all about supply and demand.

Throughout our whole lives, we have been injected by the dream of being an engineer, since our childhood, which caused the high school students to seek to get in the engineering universities.

That said, the governmental universities have limited seats. So whoever doesn’t get the required degree for the governmental university, they have to enroll at a private one instead.

The number of applicants will be curbed due to the monetary factor. And here we come to the adverse disaster that has been yielding; a lot of engineers with no need them. We talk about the private institutions or what people say دكاكين الهندسة it churned out myriads of engineers that caused the defect of the supply and the demand factor. Hence will lead to unemployment, and if you can avoid it, you will hit the low wages.

We don’t say don’t be an engineer.

We just say erase your magical thoughts, and if you want to be an engineer for the money and the prestigious job I hope this article has made you come around.

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Written by Omer Muhammad

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